PASCOE Study 2015: The secret logic of depression

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Depth-psychological study by the rheingold Institute commissioned by Pascoe Naturmedizin exposes a hidden structure

Our contemporary culture is geared towards maximizing happiness and promises everyone unlimited achievement. This prompts an exciting question: How does a depression with its never-ending sadness equate to the maxim that everyone forges his own destiny? A current qualitative study by the rheingold Institute answers this question and has brought amazing findings to light concerning depressive moods which extend well beyond a biologistic-genetic or medical-chemical consideration.

An inner-psychological internal structure of depression was discovered, consisting of inflated expectations, perceived limitations, paralysis of those affected, general indifference, a "stewing in one's own juice" through to a resigned, embittered handling of symptoms. This structure is aprerequisite for enabling those affected despite experiencing failure to maintain their demands and the endless feasibility ideal - at the price of isolation and an inner compulsion. This means a self-sustaining vision of depression, which has not previously existed in this form.

Interacting with sufferers requires family members to show great awareness and tact. Following the study recommendations for action were developed for sufferers, family members, and also doctors and pharmacists. All the findings and recommendations have been channeled into a comprehensive brochure.

It can be downloaded free of charge here: Pascoe Study 2015

You can access the interview about the study results in the Bundespressehaus in Berlin with Annette D. Pascoe (Pascoe Naturmedizin) and Stephan Grünewald (rheingold institute) here: