A New Logo for Pascoe Naturmedizin

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Moving towards a green future with the signature of our founding father, Friedrich Pascoe

Fresh and green, proudly conscious of our tradition yet just as innovative as any start-up. Pascoe Naturmedizin is moving forward into a green future with a new look. The human desire for greater naturalness combined with an aspiration to values such as trust, focus and reliability are now reflected in both our logo and corporate design.

Our founding father, Friedrich Pascoe, is our inspiration. His signature together with the year that the company was established form the new logo. This is the company's way of honoring his life's work, and of highlighting the company's deep roots.

The new color allows the company to express a greater sense of freshness, dynamism, liveliness and naturalness. As you can also clearly see in the company's new film, which can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW_ktu9LROI

Jürgen Friedrich Pascoe: "Nature is our life. Natural medicine is our life's work. What began with my grandfather, just a few members of staff and a handful of formulas in one pharmacy, has long since evolved into an international model company. But we are still just as innovative as any start-up. Ever since 1895 my family's name has stood for products which are manufactured in harmony with Nature."