Vitamin deficiency

Vitamin B12-Depot-Injektopas 1500 µg

Vitamin B12-DEPOT-Injektopas 1500 μg 10 x 1 ml Packshot PZN 07568672Vitamin B12-Depot-Injektopas 1500 μg 100 x 1 ml Packshot PZN 07568695
10 x 1 ml
100 x 1 ml

Injection solution for Vitamin B12 deficiency that cannot be corrected by dietary means


When starting the treatment, 1 ml (1 ampoule) of VITAMIN B12-DEPOT-Injektopas® 1500 µg (equal to 1500?g of hydroxocobalamin acetate) is given twice a week in the first weeks after diagnosis.
If a disrupted absorption of vitamin B12 in the bowel is proven, 100 µg of cyanocobalamin is subsequently given once a month.

Do not self-medicate with injections.
Injection therapy should be administered by a doctor or an alternative practitioner.


Vitamin B12deficiency that cannot be corrected by dietary means.

No age limit, lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free

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1 ampoule contains 1 ml:

Active substance
Hydroxocobalamin acetate 1500 µg

Other constituents: Sodium chloride, water for injection purposes.

Vitamin-B12-Depot-Injektopas® 1500 µg
Active substance: Hydroxocobalamin acetate 1500 µg per ml injection solution.
Vitamin B12 deficiency that cannot be corrected by dietary means. Contains sodium chloride. 
For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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