Our promise of quality

Frau und Herr Pascoe im Blumenfeld

Pascoe Naturmedizin guarantees the highest quality – “Made in Germany”, of course.

From the plant in the field to the finished medicine, all medicines undergo several quality controls. Pascoe’s top quality already starts with the careful selection of seeds – even here we use only high-quality raw materials. The majority of the plants are grown in our region. The cultivation of the medicinal plants is organically controlled. It is important to us that no pesticides or herbicides are used.  Harvesting is done by hand and is particularly gentle to protect the valuable plant material for our active ingredient production. After harvesting, each plant must withstand the critical eyes of botanists and pharmacists. The active ingredient content of our medicines is standardized, which means that the same active ingredient is always found in the same concentration in every medicine bottle, every ointment tube, and every tablet.

With a precisely defined process protocol, we ensure that preparation is consistent at all times. We use controlled clinical studies to prove the individual substances’ efficacy. To optimize our quality assurance, we have digitalized many processes. Our entire production process strictly follows GMP guidelines (“Good Manufacturing Practices”). This is the internationally applicable set of rules for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as food and feed.

With its new building in the Europaviertel in Giessen, our company demonstrates its commitment to Germany as production site and its promise of quality “Made in Germany”.