Modern natural medicine

Out of love for natural medicine

Pascoe Naturmedizin is a company with one of the richest traditions in the field of naturopathy in Germany. In the time since its first year of business in 1895 the family company, managed by third generation family member Jürgen F. Pascoe, has grown into one of the leading domestic and international manufacturers of natural medicine. Up to this day we have approximately 200 employees working at our HQ in Giessen and our subsidiaries in Vienna, Austria and Toronto, Canada.

Alternative medicine
There are some 200 naturopathic drugs in our Pascoe product range. These include herbal medicines, high-dose vitamin products, homeopathic complex remedies and dietary supplements. The diversity of drugs reflects the complex requirements for health products. Our success also bears us out internationally: Our products are exported to over 30 countries throughout the world, the trend is up. 

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Health from nature
There are several pillars to our success: High product quality, intensive research into the constituents, decades of experience, working with state-of-the-art technology, awareness for sustainability in respect of ecology, social matters and economics and an instinct for our customers' particular requirements.

Collaborating for people's health
People are always at the heart of our thoughts and deeds: Our customers, whose health and life quality our products seek to improve, our partners in pharmacies, naturopath- and medical practice, our natural medicine specialists, who share their rich knowledge with us, our employees, who every day dedicate care and attention to ensuring the highest quality - simply all those who make up the small parts of the mosaic that contributes to PASCOE Naturmedizin's great success.

Allow yourselves to be inspired by natural medicine, too! Your health will be grateful.

Survey into opinions on natural medicine

What moves people in Germany with regard to health? How significant are natural medicine remedies and what is important to you with respect to self medication? Does the state of education at German universities live up to people's need for natural treatment methods? 

Such questions are central to the opinion research which we regularly conduct with leading research institutes.

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