Pascoe Naturmedizin als "Great Place to Work®"!

1st place: Pascoe Natural Medicine is the best employer in Europe in 2020

In Europe, this showcase company is a “Great Place to Work“, too: This year, the distinguished employer from Giessen won the “Great Place to Work®“ competition for the first time at the European level. After winning first place in Germany three times (2017, 2019 and 2020), the company was also voted first place by its employees as the “Great Place to Work“ in Europe. Thus, the medium-size enterprise succeeded in winning the award from the Great Place to Work® Institute Germany as “Best Employer“ for almost 10 years. The company has also received several awards as “Best Employer“ in its industry. For many years, the “Great Place to Work“ company has participated annually in the international competition of “Great Place to Work®“ in order to stand up to national and international employer comparison.

Pascoe Natural Medicine as a “Great Place to Work®“!

For more than eight years, the company has participated annually in the international competition of “Great Place to Work®“ to stand up to national and international comparison. For Pascoe Natural Medicine, the annual anonymous employee survey is an important instrument for measuring employee satisfaction. The annual awards are an important indication of where the company stands in national and international comparison, and they confirm credibility and fairness.

The manufacturer of natural medicine has been one of the “best of“ employers for many years, as it continuously ensures that the high level of employee satisfaction is maintained. The continuing education programme that the employer launched last year to meet the future demands of digitisation also served as a model.

The health of its employees is particularly important to this family-owned company. That’s why there is an individual health management. One special feature: The Pascoe Vitamin C Lounge. Here everyone has the opportunity to have a high-dose vitamin C infusion (Pascorbin®) administered by a doctor.

The recent placement and excellent staff voting results, as well as a health rate that is 50 above the industry average, show that this approach is working. A good and attractive workplace culture is also reflected in the positive business results.

Pascoe Natural Medicine as a “Great Place to Work®“!

Holistic management by a special employer

The holistic management of a “Great Place to Work“ consists of three main areas: the strategy process, personality development and occupational health management. Every employee is integrated into the overall strategy of the company. Through the use of personality analysis, the strengths and development potential of the individual become visible.

Managing Director Annette D. Pascoe: “We take care to deploy employees according to their strengths in order to maintain our high level of performance while at the same time developing individual scope for development.“ The pillar model is rounded off by individual and award-winning health management for employees. The fact that the idea of the holistic management takes effect is shown by the awards, as well as the health rate, which is still 50% above the industry average.

A good and attractive workplace culture is also reflected in the positive business results. The concept of the employer Pascoe is now in demand and successfully adopted by companies of all sizes.

2020 Mobile and agile work

In 2020, Pascoe learned that its excellent employee culture has proven its worth through its special commitment. In spring, the company's employees experienced an unprecedented shutdown of social and, in part, economic life due to the Corona crisis. Thousands of employees in Germany had to switch to mobile working within hours.

Managing Director Jürgen F. Pascoe:“In recent months, every employee has been able to experience how much and how quickly our cooperation has changed. Thanks to our transparent and trusting corporate culture that has grown over the years, the digital processes that already exist and our high-quality IT equipment, we have been able to make the change fluently and successfully in all areas where it was necessary. Our thanks go to our highly motivated employees with their outstanding team spirit.“

It’s the culture and attitude lived that makes the difference for the best employer!

A total of almost 3,000 companies from Europe took part in the employer competition. Nearly 1.4 million employees were asked by Great Place to Work® how they experience the quality and attractiveness of their workplace culture. The focus was on cultural topics such as leadership, innovation, inclusion and trust. Company managers also answered questions about the quality, diversity and sustainability of the measures and instruments used in their human resources work.

In order to be considered for the European competition, companies had to excel in a national competition such as “Germany's Best Employers“. Pascoe Natural Medicine has already been named Germany's best employer three times and Europe's best employer once. Truly a “Great Place to Work!”

What is “Great Place to Work®“?

The assessment was based on a detailed anonymous survey of employees on key workplace issues such as trust in management, quality of cooperation, appreciation, identification with the company, career development opportunities, compensation, health promotion, social issues and work-life balance. In addition, the management was asked about measures and offers that promote human resources in the company.
The results of the two internationally proven survey instruments (“Great Place to Work®“ employee survey + culture audit) were weighted in a ratio of 2:1; the evaluation of the employees is therefore the main focus.

Companies of all sizes and from all sectors participate in the “Great Place to Work®“ umbrella competition in Germany “Germany's Best Employers“. They submitted themselves to a voluntary assessment of the quality of their corporate culture by the independent “Great Place to Work®“ institute and the judgment of their own employees. The list of the best employers by category was drawn up from the overall field of participants.

Other Awards

Pascoe Natural Medicine was voted No. 1 by its employees for the third time. The award ceremony by the GPTW Institute took place in February in Berlin.

Annette Pascoe, Managing Director:“How successfully we use the opportunities offered by digitisation is not only the answer to technology, but also to the culture in our company. Finding meaning in one's own work, using technology intelligently and doing one's daily work in a good mood are the challenges that we tackle perfectly with a modern and agile approach.”

Pascoe No. 1 for the third time at Great Place to Work

Pascoe ranks amongst Europe’s TOP 20 employers!

In summer 2019, the “Great Place to Work”-Institute in Stockholm once again honoured Pascoe Naturmedizin as one of Europe’s best employers.
All in all, nearly 3,000 companies from 19 European countries participated in this employer contest. For this purpose, 1.4 million employees were asked to rate their company’s quality and attractiveness. Thanks to the very good feedback given in the poll, Pascoe’s staff elected their employer to rank 19th. This is already the fifth time, Pascoe is honoured on European level.

Work as fulfilment and meaning found in one’s job. More and more people do not only work for the money but want their job to satisfy them and be meaningful. Pascoe offers all of this.

“We do a lot for our staff so that they can tell day by day if their work matches with their idea of the meaning of life. Our holistic health management additionally helps to support and maintain our employees’ mental and physical health and allows them to develop their full potential”, explains Annette Pascoe, Managing Director of Pascoe.

This year, the employees elected Pascoe as Germany’s best employer. Moreover, the company is best in industry and Hessian’s best employer.

Once again, Pascoe Naturmedizin has made it to the top and is no. 1!

Once again, the staffs have elected Pascoe Naturmedizin to be no. 1 of the top employers.   The company managed to be rated one of Germany’s top employers for eight years.

Always looking for new inspiration and insight the managing couple Annette D. and Juergen F. Pascoe regularly visit creative hotspots all over the world to be inspired by other successful enterprises.

Annette D. Pascoe: “Changing our perspective over and over again, re-inventing ourselves, revising and advancing former success factors, and being inspired by what we do is what ensures our future success. Decisive factors in this process are the ideas and concepts we share with our employees. Within the scope of our future workshop, we promote creativity and an unconventional exchange of ideas to facilitate new developments.”

Last year already, the company initiated a professional development campaign to help its employees gaining all the skills and expertise it takes to master future challenges.

For the eighth time, Pascoe ranks amongst Germany’s top employers

After being no. 1 in 2017, we managed to remain one of the leading companies being no. 2 now. Despite the changes dictated by the market, the company managed to be rated one of Germany’s top employers for eight years - in award-winning positions.

Annette D. Pascoe: “To achieve such outstanding results, as many employees as possible have to find the corporate values being reflected in their own meaning of life.”

Pascoe stands for the concept of holistic management. This includes a transparent strategic process that ensures all employees are involved with the overall strategy. A special feature: Pascoe’s prevention lounge. Here, all employees can get a high-dosed vitamin infusion (Pascorbin®), administered by a doctor.

The approach’s effectiveness is reflected by the excellent employee poll results, a health rate that is by 50% above the industry’s average, and our good business performance. The company is heading for success and enjoys uninterrupted growth. The number of employees keeps increasing and the construction of our new corporate building in Giessen is well underway. The fact that we take our employees with us on the way into the future is also shown by the latest distinction.

Pascoe: Joining Europe’s top employers through commitment!

Fascinating recordings showing the “Hessian Provence” around the city of Giessen as well as the excellent camera work show the passion and commitment for the company and for natural medicine all involved parties share. The jury explained its decision by this statement: “An impressive corporate video that grants insight of a high formal and content-wise level and is extremely authentic and credible with this”.

Annette Pascoe, Managing Director: “We are so happy we were able to present a corporate video that was made with so much passion and commitment. I’d like to particularly all the employees who were shown in it. They are great ambassadors for our medicinal products, our company and not least also for natural medicine.”

The award-winning look behind the scenes shows what moves Pascoe - nature, technology, and of course people:  customers from all over the world, employees at the sites in Giessen, Vienna, Toronto and Bratislava, as well as national and international partners. The corporate video provides exclusive insight into this family-owned business with its more than 120 years of experience. It’s worthwhile discovering the splendid natural surroundings our medicinal plants grow in and how they are being processed to premium natural medicinal products.

German Brand Award 2016 für Pascoe

Heading for a green future: Pascoe Naturmedizin wins the German Brand Award 2017 for its new brand presentation

It’s more than just a new logo. The entire brand profile has successfully been rearranged. For its comprehensive enhancement of the umbrella brand Pascoe, Naturmedizin seit 1895 (Natural Medicine since 1895), the company now won the German Brand Award 2017 in category “Brand Strategy”. Managing Director Annette Pascoe is pleased with this distinction: “Our new brand presentation reflects how people strive for more naturalness and long for values like confidence, orientation, and reliability.” Marketing Director Dr. Jochen Kuehn says: “This brand re-launch was an exciting challenge for the entire company and it still is. All the more are we pleased about this honour, which shows that we successfully live the concept of a holistic brand strategy.” 

Pascoe: Joining Europe’s top employers through commitment!

After being no. 1 in Germany, we now rank no. 8 in Europe. 
Pascoe now also becomes Europe’s no. 8 amongst Europe’s top employers. It was our staffs who elected us there.
Managing Director Hauser of the Great Place To Work Institute points out on the fact that for the first time ever, a mid-sized company made it among the top ranks in this European contest. 
The concept of “Holistic Management”, which integrates all employees, works and proves itself now also on international level. Once again, Pascoe wins rank 8 over 23400 competitors with 1.5 million employees from 19 different countries.

Pascoe Naturmedizin bei Great Place To Work Europe 2017
Pascoe Naturmedizin celebrates Great Place to Work 2017

Pascoe wins first prize in "Germany's Best Employer" competition

Pascoe Naturmedizin has been honoured in the Great Place to Work® competition for "Germany's Best Employer 2017" as Germany's best employer in the 50-500 employees category.

For the sixth time in succession the company has emerged victorious from the country-wide competition. What makes it so special is that no external jury casts its vote, only the company's own employees. For CEO, Jürgen F. Pascoe, this is a great honour: "We are so pleased and very proud that we have taken first prize this time. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our staff for this wonderful result."

European champion: Pascoe Naturmedizin ranks among Europe’s top 20 employers

Again in 2016, the “Great Place to Work®-Institute” has made been looking for Europe’s top 100 employers and found one of them in Hesse: following the year 2015, Pascoe Naturmedizin again ranks among Europe’s to 100 employers - and even among the top 20 companies. Moreover, we were the only enterprise to win special prize “Workplace Health Promotion” – which makes us, as healthcare company, particularly proud, of course. On nationwide level, we were able to receive this coveted employer award for the 5th time in a row.

Pascoe unter 20 besten Arbeitgebern Europas
Great-Place-To-Work 2016: Platz 3 für Pascoe

Third: Pascoe Naturmedizin one of the best at nationwide corporate contest “Germany’s Top Employers in 2016”

Once again, we managed to convince the Great-Place-To-Work®-Institute: for the fifth time in a row, Pascoe Naturmedizin ranks among the top 100 employers at nationwide corporate contest “Germany’s Top Employers”. Moreover, we managed to become Hesse’s most popular employer. Again, about 600 companies competed for the coveted trophy. At a festive gala in Berlin, Annette D. Pascoe and Jürgen F. Pascoe received the award on behalf of the entire staff. Impressions of the event in the capital are available as a short clip.  European champion – Pascoe Naturmedizin ranks among the top 20 employers at “Great Place to Work Europe“. German Brand Award 2016 in category “Industry Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation” for

Pascoe has been awarded special prize “Workplace Health Promotion“

The sickness absence rate at Pascoe Naturmedizin is about 50 % below the sectoral average. Reason enough for the Great Place to Work® Institute to honor us with unique special award “Workplace Health Promotion” within the scope of the “Corporate Health Convention”, the largest human resources trade show. The internationally active research and consulting institute in particular acknowledges the high level of our deep commitment, which can for instance be made out by our staffs’ high approval rates.    Only one single company is awarded.

Pascoe: Sonderpreis „Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung“

Pascoe Naturmedizin (Natural Medicine) wins the German Brand Award 2016

Berlin, 06/23/2016. The German Brand Award is granted for excellent brand management in Germany.  By winning it, Pascoe Natural Medicine is acknowledged to be one of the leading brands in this sector.

The company was given the German Brand Award 2016 “Industry Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation” for its new online platform, which - with more than 10,000 physicians, pharmacists and natural health professionals signing up to it - has become one of the largest platforms in the natural medicine sector within a minimum of time. 

„Our experience shows us that employees, whose lives are in balance live and work more contentedly, creatively and successfully. This is a good platform for our future.“

Jürgen F. Pascoe, managing director