Social commitment

Social commitment and responsibility

Pascoe Naturmedizin as a company of people for people wants to contribute to our society in many ways. Social commitment is therefore of particular importance to us. For years and decades, we have been involved in regional and national projects through sponsoring, donations and memberships. Supporting people who are unable to help themselves is a matter close to our hearts. To give you an impression of our donation activities, below are some selected examples of our commitment to people in need, charitable initiatives and organizations:

Pascoe Naturmedizin donates 100,000 euros and calls for donations.

People in all the world looked back on a challenging year in December 2020. Especially the nursing staff had to go far beyond their limits due to the Corona pandemic. It was therefore all the more important to publicly recognize and monetarily honour their efforts. The government had offered a Corona bonus free of tax and social security contributions. But not everyone was able to benefit from it.

In December 2020, the management of Pascoe was emotionally touched by a newspaper article in the “Giessener Allgemeine” and realized that even in their home town, not all employees who work at the limit to save human lives could fully benefit from a tax-free bonus. The management courageously decided to donate 100,000 euros to the nursing staff at the University Hospital in Giessen. The prerequisite was to ensure that the nursing staff would receive the bonus in their account free of tax and social security contributions.

Pascoe’s management: “Especially in these challenging times, it is important to focus again and again on what makes us happy and strong. As society, we should publicly appreciate and financially recognize the efforts of caregivers. We urge companies that have been successful this year to contact the clinics in their cities. There are always ways to support the work of nursing.”

In 2021, Pascoe Naturmedizin made a generous donation to the Don Bosco Houses in Giessen. In the Don Bosco Houses, children and young people aged 5 to 16 years are supported and accompanied in inpatient residential groups. For young people from the age of 16, the houses also offer “sheltered living for young people” and accompaniment into independence for young adults from the age of 18.

The Protestant chaplaincy for the Disabled in Giessen offers pastoral care for people with mental, physical, emotional or multiple disabilities and their relatives. It is particularly involved in children’s and youth work and a day care centre for elderly people with disabilities, which is unique in Hesse. Through our donations, we enable special activities for the people, such as specific musical performances or holiday camps. This is how we manage to put smiles on the faces of people who don’t have it easy in life.

The Fund of Hessian Pharmaceutical Companies was founded in 1992 by 13 pharmaceutical companies in Hesse. Their shared objective: to address the challenges that society as a whole faces and to provide start-up assistance and neighbourly help. The Fund supports projects throughout Hesse in the areas of social and cultural affairs, science and early childhood science education, nature conservation and environmental protection. Pascoe is one of 17 other member companies of the Fund.

Sophie Scholl School in Giessen is a school for all kinds of children: for older and younger kids, girls and boys, of all backgrounds, whether with or without handicap. As an integrative elementary and comprehensive school (grades 1 to 10) under the auspices of Lebenshilfe Giessen, e.V., Sophie Scholl School offers a lively, modern all-day schooling concept, in which integration and grade mixing are fundamental. Exercise is a basic prerequisite for the health of all students. We therefore support Sophie Scholl School by sponsoring a sports package for physical education classes.

The Liebig Museum is the historic laboratory of chemist Justus von Liebig, where he worked from 1824 to 1852.  It has been preserved almost unchanged and is one of the 10 most important museums for the history of chemistry. Great financial efforts are required to maintain the historic building substance. These funds are provided by the Justus Liebig-Gesellschaft zu Giessen e.V. on the basis of contributions and donations. Pascoe is also regularly involved in preserving the museum through donations. A networked and lively community of representatives from the city, cultural and business life, and universities work closely together here to bring science and research closer to the people of Giessen and the region.

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is a charity run over a distance of 5.6 kilometres in which employees from companies in various industries participate. The charity run focuses on sport and values such as team spirit, collegiality, fairness and health. Another aspect of this company run is the promotion of social projects. With great enthusiasm, a growing number of Pascoe employees have been participating enthusiastically for several years.