Water retention

Pascodem Tropfen

Pascodem Tropfen50 ml

Homoeopathic medicine for use in oedemas (water retention in the tissues)

The advantages of Pascodem® Drops at a glance:

  • improvement of the symptoms of water retention in the tissues (oedemas)
  • natural drug for drainage with proven active substances
  • good advice for every first-aid kit
  • There are no known side effects and interactions with other drugs.
  • lactose-, gluten- and sugar-free
  • approved from age 12 and over

Fluid accumulating in tissue is called an oedema. Its causes can be very varied: reduced cardiac performance, lymph drainage disorders, inflammations, renal or hepatic problems. The cause has to be clarified in order to allow for the right therapy! 
Pascodem® Drops: a natural diuretic!

What is Pascodem®?

Pascodem® is a drug with 3 natural active substances which stimulate the elimination of liquids. It is used for water retention in tissues. It works as a diuretic, i.e. draining water. Diuretics are thus drugs which eliminate water and ensure that additional liquid is excreted via the kidneys. Diuretics are commonly known simply as “water pills”. 
Pascodem® is thus a mild and natural diuretic administered as drops.
The major benefit: no side effects or interactions with any other drugs have as yet come to light. So you can also take Pascodem® alongside prescription medications.

Who is Pascodem® suitable for?

Swellings vary as to their causes and the therapy always needs to be geared to the type of oedema or its causes. It is usually ineffective to use diuretics in lymphoedemas, for example. So, please always seek clarification about what is causing the build-up of water. If the oedema is a so-called low-protein oedema, i.e. just retained water, diuretics are the drugs of choice.
Such accumulations of water, for example, occur in:

  • the elderly due to cardiac insufficiency
  • hepatic, renal or vascular problems
  • hormonal dysfunction (dependent on menstruation)
  • side effects of drugs (e.g. after having taken cortisone)
  • protein deficiency in the blood
  • lack of exercise

After consulting your doctor, he or she might initially prescribe a mild and natural diuretic - such as Pascodem® - for less serious cases.

What makes Pascodem® different?

Pascodem® is a natural drug with 3 active substances.
The key feature is that the plant ingredient Ononis spinosa (spiny restharrow) is in the form of a so-called mother tincture. Mother tinctures are the concentrated herbal active substances that serve as raw materials for homoeopathic potentiations. As they are concentrated, i.e. not exponentiated and thus not diluted, they occupy a position midway between herbal and homoeopathic effect.   
The spiny restharrow has proved effective both as a traditional herbal and homoeopathic remedy for stimulating urine production and thus eliminating water.
The other two active substances Apis mellifica and Potassium carbonicum supplement the effect of Ononis spinosa.



Adults and children aged 12 or over 
Take 5 drops every half to full hour, up to 6 times a day.
Chronic: Take 5 drops 3 times a day.


The therapeutic indications are guided by homeopathic drug profiles. These include: Build-up of water in tissue (oedema).
Note: The drug should not be used without medical advice for oedemas and is not a substitute for other drugs prescribed by the doctor for the condition. If you have pain around the heart, which can radiate along your arms, upper abdomen or neck region, or if you have difficulty in breathing, you urgently need to seek medical advice.

Aged 12 or above, lactose-free, gluten-free

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Honigbiene [Pascodem DE]
Apis mellifica (Honigbiene)

die Entstauende unterstützt bei:

  • Wasseransammlungen im Gewebe
Hauhechel [Pascodem DE]
Ononis spinosa (Hauhechel)

die Entwässernde unterstützt:

  • bei Wassereinlagerungen z.B. durch Nierenfunktionsstörungen
Kaliumcarbonat [Pascodem DE]
Kalium carbonicum (Kaliumcarbonat)

das Stärkende unterstützt v.a. ältere, geschwächte Menschen mit:

  • Wasseransammlungen im Gewebe

10 g (= 11.06 ml) contain:

Active substances
Ononis spinosa Ø9.0 g
Apis mellifica Dil. D30.9 g

Potassium carbonicum Dil. D3

0.1 g

Contains 62 vol. % alcohol.

Pascodem® Drops
Homoeopathic drug. Mixture. Active substances: Ononis spinosa Ø, Apis mellifica Dil. D3, potassium carbonicum Dil D3. Areas of application: The therapeutic indications are guided by homeopathic drug profiles. These include: Build-up of water in tissue (oedema). Contains 62 vol. % alcohol.
Please read the package insert for information on possible risks and side effects and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
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