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Lymphdiaral Halstabletten

Homeopathic medicine for a tendency to infections in the nose-throat area with involvement of the local lymphatic system

The benefits of Lymphdiaral Halstabletten at a glance:

  • for a tendency to infections in the nose-throat area
  • for recurrent colds, a tendency to catch a cold or susceptibility to infection
  • supports the lymphatic system
  • homeopathic medicine with 3 active ingredients
  • approved for adults and children from 1 year of age
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Suitability: aged 1 and above

For information for pregnant women and nursing mothers, please refer to the package insert.

A healthy lymphatic system - The basis for a strong immune system

Many infections begin with symptoms in the nose-throat area: it begins with difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, and/or a scratching sensation in the throat. Why does an onset of infection often manifest as symptoms in the throat: This is due to the design of our body's defence system. Especially in the throat area, the immune system must be able to react particularly quickly to germs, since many bacteria and viruses can enter the body through the mouth, nose, and eyes.
The immune system can only optimally fight the germs if the lymphatic system works well, because: Lymphatic and immune systems form a unit.

Support of the lymphatic system can help avert an infection - especially at the onset of an infection. Also with a tendency toward recurring infections, it is worth strengthening the immune system via the lymphatic system. The 3 natural ingredients of Lymphdiaral ® Halstabletten help both adults and children with a tendency for and early signs of infection. Similar to lozenges, they directly target where the first symptoms of a cold occur: in the throat. 


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older
Acute: Allow 1 tablet to dissolve in the mouth every half hour to one hour, no more than 6 times per day.
Chronic: Let 1 tablet dissolve in the mouth 1 to 3 times a day.

Children aged 6 to 12 years
No more than two-thirds of the adult dose.

Small children between the first and sixth year of life  
No more than half of the adult dose.

One tablet contains:

active substance: 
Scrophularia nodosa Ø100 mg
Echinacea Trit. D3100 mg

Mercurius biiodatus Trit. D12

100 mg

Contains lactose.

Lymphdiaral® Halstabletten
The indications are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures. These include: Tendency for infections in the nose-throat area with involvement of the local lymphatic system. Contains lactose.
For risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or at your pharmacy. 
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