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Stomach, intestines & digestion


Herbal bitter substances for a healthy appetite and good digestion

The benefits of Amara-Pascoe at a glance:

  • for stomach problems, for example due to lack of gastric juice formation, and for appetite stimulation
  • natural and gentle alternative for stomach problems and indigestion
  • promotes digestion
  • herbal medicine with 4 established active ingredients: Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea), Peruvian bark, cinnamon bark and bitter orange peel
  • no known interactions with other medicines
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For information for pregnant women and nursing mothers, please refer to the package insert.

Bitter substances and their effect on appetite

Bitter substances have a long-standing place in naturopathy and medicine in the treatment of loss of appetite. Recently overcome illnesses, anaemia, alcohol abuse, and digestive symptoms can cause a lack of appetite. Also, older people often complain of a loss of appetite. Bitter substances, e.g. in the form of bitter drops, can be used here.

Bitter substances have a regulating effect on appetite

Let's take a closer look here, because many people who want to benefit from the healthy power of bitter substances have concerns about an additional stimulation of the appetite when it is actually already healthy.

The all-clear can be given here: Bitter substances only have an appetite-stimulating effect when a healthy appetite is absent, for example as a result of illness or weakness. In this case, we are often not hungry and do not want to eat, even though the body needs to be supplied with important nutrients during these phases. If, on the other hand, we are "well-fed", feelings of hunger are not additionally stimulated by bitter drops, but rather regulated.

If you want to take bitter drops for stomach complaints but already have a healthy appetite, you need not worry.

If you already have a healthy appetite, you don't have to worry about suddenly having a constant desire to eat or even a ravenous appetite. For those who suffer from a lack of appetite due to illness, bitter substances can give them a new appetite and thus also invigoration.

Herbal bitter substances

  • increase the tolerability of food
  • promote salivary flow
  • promote secretion of gastric juices
  • stimulate fat digestion

Bitter substances should also be included in the daily diet. However, this is not so simple, as natural bitter substances have been largely removed from fruits and vegetables through cultivation. Often, the percentage of bitter substances in today's cultivated vegetables is no longer sufficient to perceive the beneficial effect of bitter substances. Here, it may be useful to increase the percentage of bitter substances with the aid of herbal bitter substances, such as those contained in Amara-Pascoe, thereby stimulating the appetite.

Bitter substances in the diet

The bitter taste might be unpleasant to you at first. That is because our foods hardly contain any healthy bitter substances anymore – after all, we prefer sweet or salty tastes in the mouth, rather than the unpopular bitter ones. The fact that people are averse to bitter tastes is down to evolution: centuries ago, a bitter taste warned us of poisonous foods. However, it is still worth giving the bitter taste a chance, since bitter substances offer many benefits for a healthy digestion. You will undoubtedly become quickly accustomed to the bitter taste, and you may even like it after a time.

Bitter substances in Amara-Pascoe

Amara-Pascoe herbal bitter drops combine four established herbal bitter substances: cinnamon bark, Peruvian bark, yellow gentian and bitter orange peel. The yellow gentian was already valued for its healthy properties in pre-Christian times. As we know today, its root contains one of the most bitter substances known, amarogentin. Bitter orange has a centuries-old tradition. 

"Amara-Tropfen" (Amara-Pascoe® Bittertropfen) from Pascoe celebrate their 20th birthday

In their current composition of yellow gentian, Peruvian bark, cinnamon bark and bitter orange peel, the popular "Amara-Tropfen" have been available for exactly 20 years. However, the history of the product goes back many years further to 1960 - albeit with a different composition. Since 2004, the herbal bitter substances have been available with the active ingredient bitter orange peel. When Pascoe's bitter drops came onto the market in the 1960s, only a few insiders knew about the healthy power of bitter substances - fortunately, this has changed considerably.


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Take 15 to 20 drops of Amara-Pascoe® pure or sprinkled on some sugar half an hour before meals.

If loss of appetite is persistent, a doctor should be consulted to determine the cause.

1 g (= 1.09 ml) contain:

Active substance:Tincture (1:5) containing:
Peruvian bark0.10 g
Gentian root0.04 g
Bitter orange peel0.04 g
Cinnamon bark0.02 g

(extracting agent: ethanol 70% V/V) Contains 65 % alcohol by volume.

Herbal gastrointestinal medicine
For stomach problems, for example due to lack of gastric juice formation, and for appetite stimulation. Contains 65 % alcohol by volume.
For risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or at your pharmacy.
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