Pascoe International: From Giessen out into the wider world

Millions people all over the world from Rio to Moscow benefit from our herbal and homeopathic remedies

The impressive metric from our approval activity is 427 official registrations of Pascoe products in 23 countries around the world. Our products are now helping people around the globe to more quality of life and health - from South America (e.g. Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Colombia) to Europe (e.g. Italy, Spain, Greece) to Russia, Azerbaijan and Taiwan. 

Pascoe Naturmedizin's research partners represented worldwide

Our research partners are represented worldwide, too. We also collaborated with researchers from US-American universities, such as the University of Florida, Gainesville or the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, to check out and further optimize our products. But there is also cooperation with universities in Germany, for example with researchers at Tübingen and Marburg universities. 

Branches in Canada and Austria

In order to be closer to our international customers, branches of Pascoe Naturmedizin have been opened in Toronto, Canada and in Vienna, Austria. 

Our products are just too good to be withheld from our friends all over the world.

Diversity at Pascoe

Pascoe embraces diversity as it recognizes the power and benefits of a diverse corporate environment. We have people from different countries and cultural backgrounds that work at Pascoe Naturmedizin.

Pascoe employees have a better understanding of their varied target audience which helps them provide useful insights and presents viable ways to approach problem solving situations. Our multicultural employees contribute to creative and innovative ideas which allow us to be strong and unique. Thus, we can serve our customers better.