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Homeopathy to counter sore throats

Tonsillitis: Inflamed tonsils

Most pathogens reach the body via the throat area. A firewall right here prevents them from advancing any further. It consists of the tonsils and the mucous membranes in the neck area.

As soon as the defense cells stationed there are activated, they work full blast. It is noticeable through inflammation and swelling with a feeling of tightness. Angina is the medical term for tightness. Angina tonsillaris is therefore an inflammation of the tonsils.

Good sore throat remedies act in several ways: They support the immune response, ease inflammation, swelling and pain and shorten the duration of symptoms.

  • Homeopathic remedy for inflammations in the throat area  
  • 6 ingredients: 6-fold power

Tonsillopas® Tablets
Aged 12 and above
Contains lactose


Aged 1 and above
lactose free

  • Gargle repeatedly - preferably with chamomile, thyme or sage tea.
  • Use the healing power of throat compresses - with quark, hot potatoes or
  • LYMPHDIARAL® sensitiv Cream N.