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Vitapas D

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With vitamin D3 to retain healthy bones and a normal function of muscles and immune system

The advantages of Vitapas® D at a glance:

  • supports the immune system and ensures strong bones and healthy muscles
  • vegetal-based soft capsule with olive oil for improved absorption*
  • convenient to use: 1 capsule per week

*Vitamin D is fat-soluble and should thus be consumed with oil.

Vitamin D – the sun’s energy

For our body, vitamin D fulfills numerous functions, play a role in many metabolic processes and has hormone-like effects. It acts on our bones, teeth, immune system, muscle cells, etc. You can thus reasonably say that vitamin D plays an essential role in our body.

Vitamin D Supply

Our body needs UV radiation to produce vitamin D. First of all, a precursor called pre-vitamin D3 is produced in our skin and then transduced to active vitamin D3. Responsible for this synthesis is the invisible UV-B in the sunlight. The largest vitamin D share is produced in the skin of our lower arms. Normally, we produce a sufficient amount of vitamin D throughout the summer. Our body stores it to get over the winter when ultraviolet light is rare.

But even in summer we frequently don't get enough sunlight because we spend most of our time at the office or in closed rooms and are not outdoors as often as we should. Moreover, our cells increasingly forfeit their vitamin D-producing capabilities as we get older.

A research study recently carried out by the Robert Koch Institute indicates deficiencies. During the winter months, the vitamin D levels were clearly below those observed in summer.

Vitamin D contributes to

  • the normal absorption/ utilization of calcium and phosphor
  • normal calcium levels in the blood
  • maintaining normal bone
  • normal muscle function
  • maintaining normal teeth
  • a normal function of the immune system
  • proliferation

Directions for use:

Vitapas® D 5.600 I.U. is intended to be consumed once a week. We recommend taking 1 capsule per week (swallowed as a whole). Do not exceed this dose. According to the German Nutrition Society, the recommended daily dose amounts to 20 µg (800 I.U.). Suitable for vegetarians!

No age restriction, gluten-free

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Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
Package Insert
Package Insert
Vitapas D (pdf, 1.88 MB)

Olive oil (97.1 %) (cold-pressed); capsule shell: humectant glycerin, modified corn starch, gelling agent carrageen; vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Nutrient data:

Per capsule 
(1 per week)     

value per day

% NRV*  

Vitamin D3                                            

140 µg (5.600  I.U.)                                        

20 µg (800  I.U.)  


* % Nutrient reference value (reference amount as per EU Directive)

Vitapas® D
Nutritional supplement. Vegetal-based soft capsule with olive oil. With vitamin D to retain healthy bones and a normal function of muscles and immune system. 5.600 I.U. Weekly depot. Directions for use: Swallow 1 soft capsule per week as a whole. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. The product should not be used to substitute a varied and well-balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Pascoe Vital GmbH; D-35383 Giessen.

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