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Natural cosmetics

Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum

Rich serum with the anti-ageing classic vitamin C and the moisture-booster hyaluronic acid

The benefits of Pascoe Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum at a glance:

  • Vitamin C supports collagen synthesis: Collagen is an important building block for tight skin 
  • Vitamin C also has effects on the ability of the skin to regenerate
  • Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, therefore helping to reduce wrinkles
  • Rich serum for skin that feels smooth, well-tended and younger
  • With the Pascoe essence of 8 selected plant extracts
  • Certified natural cosmetic
  • Easy to use on face, neck and décolleté
  • Dermatologically tested* and suitable for all skin types
  • Made in Germany
  • Packaged in an elegant glass bottle
  • Vegan

*Skin tolerance was confirmed by an epicutaneous test in healthy adults with various skin types (very dry, dry, greasy, normal and sensitive skin).

Product information
Package sizesPZN
30 ml18674147
aged 4 and above

Pascoe’s Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum combines the skin care properties of the anti-ageing classic Vitamin C with those of the moisturiser hyaluronic acid. But why is the combination of the two substances so useful?

Vitamin C: What the beauty vitamin can do for your skin

Vitamin C is an effective free radical scavenger, therefore offering proven protection against oxidative stress, which can damage our skin and make it look older in the long run. In Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum, the vitamin C can help protect the skin from premature skin ageing.
As well as being a radical scavenger, it is also beneficial for healthy, radiant, youthful skin. Vitamin C is the engine for our body’s most important structural protein: collagen. Collagen is an amazingly flexible substance that gives our skin a lot of elasticity. Healthy collagen formation is important for beautiful skin with fewer wrinkles.

However, the older we get, the more our vitamin C levels decrease. That’s why it becomes all the more essential to provide the body and skin with enough vitamin C, ensuring the body’s collagen formation in the long term and thereby supporting skin tightening. Using Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum by Pascoe on the face is, therefore, an excellent way to give the skin a vitality boost and to support regeneration.

Hyaluronic acid: The role moisturiser can play for your skin

Hyaluronic acid is justifiably one of the classic ingredients in moisturising cosmetics: The substance, which is naturally occurring in the body, can bind up to 6 litres of fluid per gram. In terms of anti-ageing, it is a true natural alternative for fighting wrinkles, because wrinkle formation is directly related to skin ageing and the skin's ability to produce hyaluronic acid. 

As we age, our bodies produce less and less hyaluronic acid. As a result, the skin increasingly loses moisture, elasticity and volume – with consequences for the subcutaneous connective tissue: It sags and forms progressively deeper wrinkles, while the skin becomes dry and appears flaccid. The Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Pascoe moisturises and smooths the skin, providing it with an optimal start to the day and a moisture store at night.

A plant essence with selected natural beauty

As a special extra, Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum is enriched with an exclusive essence of 8 selected plant extracts providing the product with its unique character: Passion flower, marigold, pansy, thyme, gentian, coneflower, sage and hops.      

Our quality promise

In the natural cosmetics line of Pascoe, the centuries-old knowledge of the power of plants is combined with modern knowledge from scientific cosmetic research. The Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum was developed in Germany by natural cosmetics experts and is also produced here. It is certified as a natural cosmetic according to the renowned COSMOS standard. In addition, it was awarded the Dermatest seal. As is usual for natural cosmetics, Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum is naturally free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. We have also dispensed with mineral oils and polyethylene glycols.

Holistic natural cosmetics – thoroughly cared for and well-nurtured

Pamper your skin in the morning and evening with Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum. Vitamin C nurtures the skin and hyaluronic acid creates a fresh complexion. Now enjoy the natural feeling of velvety soft skin.

After cleaning, gently massage the Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum on the face and neck.

Vitamin C + Hyaluron Serum (30 ml)
for use on the face and neck. Gently massage into the face and neck after cleaning. Certified natural cosmetic. Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed. Shelf life 6 months after opening. Ingredients: Aqua, ascorbyl glucoside, pentylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerine, sodium hyaluronate, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate, alcohol, sodium hydroxide, Viola tricolour extract, Calendula officinalis extract, Gentiana lutea rhizome/root extract, Salvia officinalis leaf extract, Echinacea purpurea extract, Humulus lupulus extract, Thymus vulgaris flower/leaf/stem extract, Passiflora incarnata flower extract.
Pascoe Vital GmbH; D-35394 Giessen

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