Heart, circulation & veins

Pascovenol homöopathische Tropfen

Pascovenol homöopathische Tropfen50 ml

Homeopathic drug for varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Veins invigorated by plant energy

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids are signs of vascular or connective tissue weakness. Naturopathic medicine is aware of medicinal plants which effectively support vein function. These chiefly include horse chestnuts, yarrow and witch hazel. Rue supports this function too. The 4 plants mentioned are the active substances of the vein therapy product Pascovenol® homöopathische Tropfen.

You should also always bear in mind that movement is key for vein function: best gentle but sustained exercise.

If you notice uncharacteristically severe symptoms in a leg, noticeable due to swelling, skin discoloration, sensation of tension or heat and pain, you should consult your doctor without delay.


Adults and children aged 12 or over
should take 5-10 drops 1 to 3 times a day.


The indications are derived from homoeopathic pharmacology. This includes: Varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Aged 12 or above

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Virginische Zaubernuss [Pascovenol homöopathische Tropfen DE]
Hamamelis virginiana (Virginische Zaubernuss)

die Heilende unterstützt bei:

  • Krampfaderleiden
  • Hämorrhoiden
Rosskastanie [Pascovenol DE]
Aesculus hippocastanum (Rosskastanie)

die Fließende unterstützt bei:

  • venösen Durchblutungsstörungen
  • Krampfadern
  • Hämorrhoiden
Schafgarbe [Pascovenol homöopathische Tropfen DE]
Achillea millefolium (Schafgarbe)

die Blutstillende unterstützt bei:

  • Hämorrhoiden und Krampfadern
  • Blutungen
Weinraute [Pascovenol homöopathische Tropfen DE]
Ruta graveolens (Weinraute)

die Helfende unterstützt bei:

  • Schmerzgefühl z.B. in den Beinen
  • Krämpfen

10 g (= 10.6 ml) contain:

Active substances
Hamamelis Dil. D12.5 g
Aesculus Dil. D22.5 g
Millefolium Dil. D22.5 g
Ruta Dil. D22.5 g

Contains 47 vol. % alcohol.

Pascovenol® homöopathische Tropfen
The indications are derived from homoeopathic pharmacology. This includes: Hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Contains 47 vol. % alcohol. 
For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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