Pasconeural Injektopas 100 2 Prozent
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Pasconeural Injektopas 2% 5 ml

Solution for injection

For use in adults and children from 15 years of age

Do not self-treat with injections.
The injection therapy should be administered by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

Note: Pasconeural Injektopas® 1% is no longer available. Pasconeural Injektopas® 2% is still available to you in two pack sizes.


Pasconeural Injektopas® 2% 5 ml is injected into the skin (intracutaneously).
Pasconeural Injektopas® 2% 5 ml should only be injected by persons with the appropriate knowledge to successfully carry out the respective application.

Product information
Package sizesPZN
100 x 2 ml11170018
Suitability: aged 15 and above

For information for pregnant women and nursing mothers, please refer to the package insert.

Active substance: Procaine hydrochloride.
1 ml injection solution contains 20 mg procaine hydrochloride.
The other constituents are: Sodium chloride, citric acid-monohydrate, sodium hydroxide, water for injection.

Pasconeural®-Injektopas 2 % 5 ml
Active substance: Procaine hydrochloride 20 mg per 1 ml solution for injection.
Pasconeural Injektopas® 2% is used in the context of neural therapeutic application principles. Contains sodium chloride.
For risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or at your pharmacy.
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