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Stress, nervousness & inner restlessness


Herbal medicine with a calming effect in cases of nervous restlessness

The benefits of Pascoflair® at a glance:

  • herbal sedative
  • brings relaxation in cases of nervous restlesness, e.g. caused by stress
  • calming and relaxing effect
  • purely herbal active substance: Passion flower
  • unsurpassed: no other medicine has more Passion flower per tablet*
  • 425 mg concentrated extract per tablet corresponds to 4,250 - 6,375 mg Passion flower in 2 tablets
  • first effects after 30 minutes
  • no known evidence of impairment of performance or concentration
  • long-term use possible
  • very good tolerability
  • approved from 12 years of age
  • without titanium dioxide
  • available over the counter

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*in relation to passion flower extract amount per tablet (IH-Galaxy)

Product information
Package sizesPZN
30 pcs.11038052
90 pcs.14290065
Suitability: aged 12 and above

For information for pregnant women and nursing mothers, please refer to the package insert.

Pascoflair®: Herbal sedative from Passion flower

Tense, stressed, restless, nervous? As a herbal sedative, the well-established medicinal herb passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) can provide support in cases of nervous restlessness, e.g. because of stress.

The triggers of tension and nervousness or nervous anxiety can be varied:

  • Stress phases such as relocations
  • Problems at work, e.g. high work pressure or time pressure
  • Conflicts in the family or at work
  • Peer pressure and performance pressure
  • Double burden or multiple burden from family, workplace and own needs
  • Exams, speaking in front of an audience, e.g. presentations
  • Flights/flying/air travel

People who are restless, unbalanced, upset, or exhausted may be less able to cope with challenging situations. With inner calm, it is easier to be alert and efficient and to appear confident. Strong nerves also mean that the above-mentioned periods can be better navigated. A herbal remedy for inner calm can provide support in everyday situations where there is nervous restlessness, e.g. due to stressful situations.

Frequently asked questions about Pascoflair®:

What is Pascoflair & what is Pascoflair used for?

Pascoflair is a herbal medicine with the active ingredient passion flower dry extract, manufactured by Pascoe Naturmedizin (Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH). The tablets are approved by the drug authority for offering a calming effect in cases of nervous restlessness, for example caused by stress.

Pascoflair effect: What is the active ingredient of the herbal medicine?

A purely plant-based, high-dose extract of passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) is used in the tablets. The “Medicinal plant of the year 2011” has a relaxing and calming effect. It is now considered to have undergone excellent scientific research through numerous studies.

Pascoflair intake: How long should you take Pascoflair?

Pascoflair® is suitable for short-term use in acutely stressful situations, and for long-term use, for example, if you are nervous or restless due to long-term stress. There is no known dependency potential.

Can I take Pascoflair® even if I am taking other medications?

Yes. According to current knowledge, there are no known interactions of the coated tablets with other medicines.

Is it also possible to take it if you need to remain alert and productive, e.g. when learning or at work?

There are no indications that passion flower tablets limit performance or concentration capacity.

Where can I buy Pascoflair®?

The herbal medicine is available over-the-counter at the pharmacy. Clicking on the red "Buy now online" box will take you to an overview where you can order Pascoflair® online. There you also have the option to order the herbal sedative from a local pharmacy and to receive it on the same day.

Make inner balance your new ritual

A relaxation diary can help to offer a valuable overview. Here you can, for example, also record relaxation exercises, such as yoga sessions, autogenous training, or meditations.

Download relaxation diary as PDF

Pascoflair® testimonials - These testimonials have been reported by satisfied customers:

All testimonials have been translated from German. 

"All I can say is that it helps; I’m completely satisfied."(Facebook page Pascoe Natural Medicine)

"I‘ve been taking Pascoflair® for a while, and it's perfect for me in my stressful daily life. I'm so pleased with it; it really helps me." (Facebook page Pascoe Natural Medicine)

"Does exactly what it says! And Pascoflair® is hugely helpful – and without side effects...! I'm thrilled." (Facebook page Pascoe Naturmedizin)

"This medication has helped me a lot, full 5 stars. I take it irregularly and only when needed, but quickly notice a soothing or calming effect. I can only recommend it, as it’s purely plant-based, I’ve already ordered a second pack. I always have it with me in stressful situations - or if I feel unwell from time to time. Great." (Shop Apotheke)

"It helps me as I’ve already stated and gives me back more resilience - mentally, and as a result, physically too." (Shop Apotheke)

"I bought this product because I often suffer from inner restlessness. I have to say it works and gets you to relax."(DocMorris)

"I'm doing really well on this product. It makes me feel more relaxed and less prone to stress. I’d recommend it."(DocMorris)

”This product is highly recommended. It’s super tolerable, and I wouldn’t be without it during times of stress. A really great herbal product."(Medpex)

”I was recommended Pascoflair for restlessness/nervousness by my alternative practitioner. There is no dependency effect. You feel a bit calmer without being dampened. The tablets are easy to swallow, due to their coating."(Medpex)

”I suffer from inner restlessness and have tried lots of things. Either the agents upset my stomach or they don’t work for long. I’m super satisfied with Pascoflair."(Amazon)


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older
Take one coated tablet, evenly distributed 2 to 3 times a day, with sufficient liquid (preferably a glass of water).

1 coated tablet contains:

Active substance
Dry extract from passion flower herb 425 mg
Extracting agent ethanol 50% (V/V)

Contains sucrose and glucose.

Active substance: Passion flower herb dry extract.
For nervous restlessness states. Contains sucrose and glucose.
For risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or at your pharmacy.
Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH, D-35383 Giessen

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