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Stress, tranquility & sleep


Herbal drug for calming nervous restlessness

Pascoflair®: unmatched!*

  • very well tolerated
  • acts fast1
  • preserves concentration and performance2
  • excellently researched extract
  • lactose- and gelatine-free

Stress is everywhere

Many situations lead to tension, nervousness and uncertainty:

  • pressure to perform
  • examination stress
  • school stress
  • stage fright
  • flight stress and fear of flying
  • anxiety before surgery

Stressful situations are nowadays part of daily routine and therefore constantly accompany us. Things often would not be so bad if we just took them calmly. But thats precisely the crunch: Our own strength vanishes, leaving uncertainty, strain and tension behind.

Passion flower enables you to better control your stress!

*in relation to the quantity of passion flower extract per tablet (IH-Galaxy)
[1] Movafegh, A., R. Alizadeh, et. al. (2008). "Preoperative oral incarnata reduces anxieta in ambulatory surgery patients: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study." Anesth Analg 106(6): 1728-32.
[2] Dimpfel, W., K. Koch, et al. (2012). "Single Dose Effects of PASCOFLAIR on Current Source Density (CSD) of Human EEG." Neuroscience & Medicine, 3: 130-140.


Adults and adolescents aged 12 or over
Swallow one coated tablet two to three times a day spread over the day with enough liquid (preferably a glass of drinking water).


For nervousness or restlessness.

Aged 12 or above, lactose-free

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Passionsblume (Passiflora incarnata)

1 coated tablet contains:

Active substance
Dry extract of passion flower herb 425 mg
Extraction agent ethanol 50% (v/v)

Contains sucrose and glucose.

Herbal drug

Coated tablets. Active ingredient: dry extract of passion flower herb. Indications: For nervousness or restlessness. Contains sucrose and glucose.
For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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