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Pascoflair® : your powerful support in  stressful times.
Plant-based sedative to counteract nervous unrest

The benefits of Pascoflair® at a glance:

  • purely plant-based ingredients
  • performance and concentration capacity remain unaffected
  • first effects within 30 minutes
  • unequalled: no other product contains more passion flower per pill!*
  • long-term consumption possible
  • no known addiction or dependence potential 
  • for children aged at least 12 years
  • the no. recommendation for your first-aid and travel kit
  • lactose-, gluten- and gelatine-free
  • without titanium dioxide
  • available without prescription at your pharmacy
  • made in Germany
  • neutrally flavoured
  • part of our product range for more than 10 years 

Passion flower – the medicinal plant of the year 2011: very well-studied extract, tried-and-test medicinal plant for centuries, relaxing and sedative.

Passion flower extract can help you through acute stress:

  • helps you to relax when you are under the weight of expectation or pressure to perform
  • has harmonizing effect in conflicts and other stressful situations
  • helps being successful and powerful, without any stage fright or examination stress
  • facilitates efficient learning and a more self-confident manner
  • provides for ease of mind and can thus promote sound sleep
  • helps you mastering the challenges of family life, work and your own needs with ease 

Pascoflair®: your purely natural island of repose

High effectiveness potential in the treatment of nervous unrest caused e.g. by multiple stress, examinations, stage fright, or travelling by airplane. Our everyday life bears numerous potential stressful situations. For many people, physical strain or mental pressure thus is a permanent condition. Frequently, things would not even be so bad if only we approached them with a relaxed attitude. But that exactly is the problem: our strength fades and leaves us with uncertainty, strain, tenseness, or fatigue.

Pascoflair®-testimonials – this is what our customers have experienced:

Mrs G. B.: "All I can say is: it helps; I’m perfectly fine with the product." (Customer’s review 2016, Facebook account Pascoe Naturmedizin)

Mrs J. Z.: "I’ve been taking Pascoflair® for a while, and for me it is exactly the right thing to cope with my stressful everyday life. I’m so glad about it – it really helps me." (Customer’s review 2016, Facebook account Pascoe Naturmedizin)

Mrs M. G.: "Absolutely true! And Pascoflair® is a fantastic remedy – without any adverse side effects...! I’m absolutely convinced by it." (Customer’s review 2016, Facebook account Pascoe Naturmedizin)

An Amazon-buyer: "My naturopathic practitioner advised me to try this product. It’s supposed to help you cope with stress […]. Now that I have taken it regularly for a while, I sleep a lot better and don’t feel so nervous anymore. I think, it did help me." (Amazon customer’s review 2016)

Mrs C. K.: "I take Pascoflair® to counteract my inner unrest and nervousness (when I’m facing important dates, have to hold a presentation, or the like). Pascoflair® made me feel more relaxed, less nervous, and helped me to sleep better. I would definitely recommend using this product." (Amazon customer’s review 2016)

  • Comment: inner unrest frequently leads to sleep disturbances. Treating the nervousness can thus also help easing the sleeping disorder.
  • More information on stress is also available in the “application fields” section of our information site on stress, calming, sleep.
  • Other interesting articles on health-related questions are available through our newsletter archive.
  • Our tip: note down your sleeping habits.

*with respect to the amount of passion flower extract per tablet (IH-Galaxy)


Adults and adolescents aged 12 or over
Swallow one coated tablet two to three times a day spread over the day with enough liquid (preferably a glass of drinking water).


For nervousness or restlessness.

Aged 12 or above

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Passionsblume (Passiflora incarnata)

die Entspannende

  • entspannend und beruhigend

1 coated tablet contains:

Active substance
Dry extract of passion flower herb 425 mg
Extraction agent ethanol 50% (v/v)

Contains sucrose and glucose.

Herbal drug

Coated tablets. Active ingredient: dry extract of passion flower herb. Indications: For nervousness or restlessness. Contains sucrose and glucose.
For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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