Ozovit MP 100 g Packshot PZN 06308360
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Stomach, intestines & digestion

Ozovit MP

Specific agent for constipation and bloating

The benefits of Ozovit MP at a glance:

  • laxative containing magnesium peroxide
  • for bloating and constipation
  • for adults
  • 100 g powder
  • to dissolve in water
Product information
Package sizesPZN
100 g06308360
Suitability: aged 18 and above

For information for pregnant women and nursing mothers, please refer to the package insert.

With Ozovit® MP, you receive a product manufactured in Germany with the ingredient magnesium peroxide of proven Pascoe quality. Magnesium peroxide is a white, tasteless powder and is a compound of magnesium and oxygen. Magnesium peroxide is suitable for treating bloating and constipation.
The laxative effect of the medical product is due to magnesium and is purely physical in origin. In the intestine, magnesium peroxide causes more water to enter the intestine through osmotic effects. In the process, the stool is liquefied and softened, making it easier to pass. Magnesium has an additional effect on the muscles of the bowel, which means further support in defecation.


Stir 1 to 3 measuring spoons of powder in water or juice twice daily and take this approx. 1 hour after mealtimes.
If severe diarrhoea occurs, reduce the dose or discontinue the product for several days, then start at a lower dose.

Duration of use:
Ozovit® MP should not be used for more than one week.

100 g contain:

Magnesium peroxide

100.0 g

Ozovit® MP 
Medical product. Active substance: Magnesium peroxide
Purpose: Specific agent for constipation and bloating. In the event of newly occurring abdominal symptoms and/or longer-lasting symptoms, these should be medically assessed by a doctor. For adults only.
For risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or at your pharmacy. 
Manufacturer powder: HÄLSA Pharma GmbH, D-23562 Lübeck; Manufacturer dosing spoon: Meding GmbH, D-58553 Halver; Distribution and information: Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH, Schiffenberger Weg 55 D-35394 Gießen

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