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Depressive mood

Neurapas balance

Herbal medicine for depressive mood with nervous restlessness

The benefits of Neurapas balance at a glance:

  • herbal antidepressant
  • mood lifting, calming, relaxing
  • pure herbal active substances: St. John's wort, valerian, passion flower
  • for depressive mood with nervous restlessness
  • no known impairment of ability to concentrate
  • no known dependency potential
  • small, easy-to-swallow tablet
  • without titanium dioxide
  • available over the counter

Formulation without titanium dioxide! Learn more

Product information
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Suitability: aged 18 and above

For information for pregnant women and nursing mothers, please refer to the package insert.

Three potent medicinal plants for more joy in life:

Coping with daily tasks and steadily increasing demands can lead to overload, irritability, inner tension, and nervous restlessness. Energy and decisiveness are often lacking. Joy and satisfaction are no longer consciously perceived.

The healing power of plants can be used to restore balance and peace of mind. St. John's wort, valerian, and passion flower are well-established medicinal plants that have been used for centuries for their effects on the psyche. Combined in a unique complementary mix, they strengthen the nerves when life puts our emotional balance to the test. This unique triple blend, as a St. John’s wort mix, belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of herbal antidepressants.

Take charge of your life

What is good for me? What days am I feeling depressed, tired, cheery, relaxed, or motivated? What situations make me feel upset or nervous? And what helps me if I'm not feeling well? The better you know yourself, the more likely you can recognise and manage stressful situations. If you become aware of these things through writing them down, it will be easier to assess the causes and to possibly avoid them. Support is offered in the form of a mood diary, which is available as a PDF for you to download.

Download mood diary as PDF

You can also find interesting information on the topic of depressive mood on our information page - lifting the mood.

Neurapas® balance testimonials - These testimonials have been reported by satisfied customers:

All testimonials were translated from German. 

"It helped me get through a bad patch." (Facebook page Pascoe Naturmedizin)

”Really great, I can only recommend it." (Facebook page Pascoe Naturmedizin)

”The Neurapas are great... particularly if you suffer from winter blues, these tablets are very, very helpful." (Facebook page Pascoe Naturmedizin)

”Another superb product from Pascoe, which is also very well-tolerated during heavy sunbathing over summer. In winter, I take a much higher dose of St. John's wort, which isn’t good for my skin in the summer because of the sunlight. Passion flower and valerian also complement the calming and mood-enhancing effect." (Shop Apotheke)

”My GP recommended Neurapas for when my "nerves" are overstressed. I feel calmer and more relaxed taking this - without being tired or noticing a change in temperament. A good herbal product; in my case without side effects." (Shop Apotheke)

”I’ve been taking Neurapas Balance for low mood for about 5 weeks and was able to see a positive improvement in my mood after just 2 weeks." (DocMorris)

”My doctor recommended Neurapas to me. It improves depressive moods and has a calming effect." (DocMorris)

”It’s helped me at work during stressful situations in the past." (DocMorris)

”I can only recommend the product! The product arrived within a short time. I’ve been familiar with the product for a long time and am always impressed by the effect. I’ve been feeling less tense and have significantly more zest for life since taking it. This product is also purely plant-based and helps in a natural way, which makes it even more appealing! Great brand with great products!" (Amazon)



Unless otherwise prescribed:

Adults aged 18 years and older
Take 2 film-coated tablets with liquid 3 times daily without chewing. 
They should be taken independent of meals.
The duration of use is generally not limited.
However, if no improvement occurs after 4 to 6 weeks, the prescribing doctor should check whether this form of therapy should be continued.

1 film-coated tablet contains the power of three well-established medicinal herbs:

active substance
Dry extract of St. John’s wort 60 mg (extracting agent: ethanol 38% m/m)
Dry extract of valerian root 28 mg (extracting agent: ethanol 40% m/m)
Dry extract of passion flower herb 32 mg (extracting agent: ethanol 60% m/m)

Contains glucose and lactose.

Neurapas® balance
Active substance: St. John's wort dry extract, valerian root dry extract, passion flower herb dry extract.
For mild transient depressive disorders with nervous restlessness. Contains glucose and lactose.
For risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or at your pharmacy.
Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH, D-35383 Giessen

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