Depressive moods & brightening of mood

Neurapas balance

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Plant-based medicinal product against a depressive mood with nervous unrest

Overview of the advantages of Neuropas balance:

  • Neurapas balance soothes inner unrest and states of tension, nervous exhaustion, stress and depressive moods
  • Purely plant-based substances
  • Ability to concentrate is maintained
  • No dependency potential known
  • Small tablet that is easy to swallow
  • Without titanium dioxide
  • Available without a prescription from your pharmacy
  • Produced by our company for around 20 years

Three powerful medicinal plants for a greater zest for life:

Amber - the mood enhancer

  • Strengthens the nerves
  • Lightens the mood

Passionflower – the relaxer

  • Has a relaxing effect
  • Calms right from the start

Valerian – the soother

  • Soothes nervous unrest
  • Eases difficulty with falling asleep

Why this particular triple combination?

Depressive moods have many different faces:

  • Joylessness, weakness, despondency
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Unspecific pain (head, back, stomach), unrest and sleep disorders

Neurapas offers help:

  • To be able to sleep better again
  • To gain more drive
  • To feel enjoyment again

Neurapas® balance- experience reports – these are the experiences of our customers:

Ms. C.R.: Helped me very well to get through a difficult phase (Facebook, 1.12.2016)

Ms. U.S.: Really super, I can recommend it. (Facebook, 31.10.2016) 

Ms. N.L.: Neurapas is super... especially if one is suffering from winter blues, these little tablets are very very helpful (Facebook, 16.11.2016)

Ms. U.N.: Took it for a long time. Very good and helps. Must have them again now. (Facebook, 02.11.2016)

Amazon customer: I took the product following a recommendation because for years I was rather lacking in drive during the wintertime and suffered from the lack of light during this season. Some people also call it winter depression. It helped me to be more balanced and to sleep normally. (Amazon customer, 29.2.2016)

Medpex customer: I bought my husband this product because he suffers from inner unrest and nervousness. After taking it for just two weeks, a noticeable improvement set in. He is more balanced and doesn’t flinch at the slightest sound anymore. The tolerability is excellent […]. The price is fair and the effect is very good… what more could one want. (Medpex customer, 19.1.2015)

Medpex customer: After some difficult strokes of fate it helped me through the beginning. It gave me more inner calm and also helped with falling asleep. Of course, one cannot expect miracles, but it was and is a good support! (Medpex customer, 23.10.2014)

Pascoe study

Pascoe study (only in German) in cooperation with the Rheingold Institute examines the question: how does depression with its endless sadness, the feeling of coming to standstill or of being isolated correlate with the maxim that everyone is the author of their own happiness?

With two-hour in-depth interviews, the interviewers brought forth a wave of accounts that truly inundated them. The result was surprising insights into the structure of depressive moods that go far beyond a biologistic-genetic or medical-chemical perspective.

Mood diary as PDF (only in German) for downloading


Adults aged 18 or over
Take 2 film tablets whole with liquid 3 times a day.
Do not take at mealtimes.
There is no limit on the duration of use.
But, if there is no improvement after 4 to 6 weeks, the prescriber should review any further continuation of this form of therapy.



For depressive mood and nervous restlessness.

Aged 18 or above

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Johanniskraut (Hypericum perforatum)

der Stimmungsaufheller

  • stimmungsaufhellend
  • Sonnenkraft für die Seele
Baldrian (Valeriana officinalis)

der Beruhiger

  • beruhigend und entspannend
Passionsblume (Passiflora incarnata)

die Entspannende

  • entspannend und beruhigend

1 film tablet contains the power of three well-tried medicinal plants:

Active substance
Dry extract of St. John’s wort 60 mg (extraction agent: Ethanol 38% m/m)
Dry extract of valerian roots 28 mg  (extraction agent: Ethanol 40% m/m)
Dry extract of passion flower herb 32 mg (extraction agent: Ethanol 60 % m/m)

Contains glucose and lactose.

Film Tablets. Active ingredients: Dry extract of St. John’s wort , dry extract of valerian root, dry extract of passion flower herb. Indications: Slight temporary depressive disorders with nervous restlessness. Contains glucose and lactose. For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist 
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