Colds & infections

Gripps SL Tropfen

50 ml
20 ml
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Homeopathic drug for colds

Colds - mostly insignificant, but nagging. Everything often begins with a slightly scratchy or sore throat. As the cold progresses, there can also be a runny nose, hoarseness and coughing in almost any conceivable combination. Those afflicted frequently also complain of headaches and they feel tired and shattered.

How a cold develops is very individual. After two weeks the symptoms should have disappeared completely. But departures from this are always possible.

Homeopathic drugs such as Gripps® SL Tropfen alleviate the annoying and tormenting symptoms of a cold and help to ease and shorten the process.


Adults and children aged 12 or over:
Acute: Take 5 drops every half to full hour, up to 6 times a day.

Children aged from 6 to 12
No more than two thirds of the adult dose.

Infants aged between 1 and 6
No more than half of the adult dose.

Aged 1 or above, lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free

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Fieberbaum [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Eucalyptus globulus (Fieberbaum)
Kaliumdichromat [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Kalium bichromicum (Kaliumdichromat)
Wasserhanf [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Eupatorium perfoliatum (Wasserhanf)
Wilder Jasmin [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Gelsemium sempervirens (Wilder Jasmin)
Arsen(III)-oxid [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Arsenicum album (Arsen(III)-oxid)
Brechnuss [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Nux vomica (Brechnuss)
Gelber Phosphor [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Phosphorus (Gelber Phosphor)
Zaunrübe [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Bryonia alba (Zaunrübe)
Blauer Eisenhut [Gripps Tbl./Tr. DE]
Aconitum napellus (Blauer Eisenhut)
Kanadische Blutwurzel [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Sanguinaria canadensis (Kanadische Blutwurzel)
Sabadillkörner [Gripps SL Tropfen DE]
Sabadilla (Schoenocaulon officinale) (Sabadillkörner)

10 g (= 10.6 ml) contains: 

Active substances
Eucalyptus Ø 200 mg
Potassium bichromicum Dil. D2 100 mg
Eupatorium perfoliatum Ø 25 mg
Gelsemium Dil. D1 10 mg
Arsenicum album Dil. D3 10 mg
Nux vomica Ø 10 mg
Phosphorus Dil. D3 10 mg
Sabadilla Ø 10 mg
Bryonia Dil. D1 10 mg
Aconitum Dil. D1 10 mg

Sanguinaria Dil. D6

5 mg

Contains 43 vol. % alcohol.

Gripps® SL Tropfen
Homeopathic drug. Mixture. Indications: The indications are derived from homoeopathic pharmacology. This includes: Colds. Contains 43 vol. % alcohol.
For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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