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Neurapas ® balance from PASCOE Naturmedizin:

348: 1

Brand new on the outside - mood-lifting effect inside

Neurapas® balance has smartened up its act for you: New outer packaging to complement the inner values.

Aid straight from nature

Depressive moods conceal, for example, metabolic disorders of the messengers in the brain. Herbal remedies succeed in positively affecting them, for example, with the three-way combination of passion flower, St. John’s wort and valerian in Neurapas® balance.

Valerian has a calming action, passion flower relaxes and St. John’s wort has a mood-lifting effect. We have taken bright yellow-orange tones to encapsulate the rays of the sun and the positive mood of summer. Life welcomes you!

The new design is available on the 100, 60 and 20 packs. The packs' PZNs remain the same. You can download the new designs of packaging for on-line pharmacies from this link:

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NEURAPAS® balance
Film Tablets. Herbal drug for depressive moods with nervous anxiety. Composition: Active substances: Dry extract (4.6-6.5:1) of St. John’s wort 60 mg, extraction agent: Ethanol 38% (m/m), dry extract (3.8-5.6:1) of valerian roots 28 mg, extraction agent: Ethanol 40% (m/m), dry extract (6.25-7.1:1) of passion flower herb 32 mg, extraction agent: Ethanol 60% (m/m). Other constituents: Povidone K 30, lactose-monohydrate, glycerol, glucose syrup, highly dispersed silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, talcum powder, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium salt, basic butylmethacryate copolymer, macrogol, titanium dioxide, indigocarmine. Also contains glucose and lactose. Indications: Light depressive episodes with nervous anxiety. Contraindications: Allergy to one of the ingredients, photosensitivity of the skin.

Simultaneously taking anticoagulants, immunosuppressants (ciclosporin, Tacrolimus internally, Sirolimus), anti-HIV drugs (Indinavir or non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor such as Nevirapin) or cytostatic drugs (Imatinib, Irinotecan); exception: monoclonal antibodies. Due to lack of experience not to be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding (nor by women of childbearing age without contraception, except if an early pregnancy has been ruled out) and by people aged under 18. Side effects: Allergic exanthema, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, restlessness, paresthesia possible. Chiefly in fair-skinned people: Photosensitization may occur after strong exposure to radiation (sun, solarium). Status: June 2014. PASCOE pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH, D-35383 Giessen. info(at)