Deutscher Naturheilbund eV

Deutscher Naturheilbund eV has been founded in 1889. Therefore, it is Europe’s oldest laity organisation of naturopathy. As for being an independent, charitable authorized holding organisation it is promoting naturopathic health education and imparts important basic knowledge for those who are interested in Health. Theory and Praxis, therapists and patients are brought together through 50 Member-Associations. You will find more information’s about DNB, naturopathic association’s and nationally events here:

Giessen Botanical Garden

The green lung of Giessen city is the Justus Liebig University's botanical garden. The site, covering some 3 hectares, is the oldest botanical garden in the whole of Germany. It is primarily used for scientific purposes in teaching and research. But, not only scientists love the botanical garden: Age-old trees, large expanses of water and interesting plants make it an oasis of tranquility for many people. To introduce the visitors to the unusual world of plants, we promote the publication of the guide to gardens.

Botanischer Garten