Rheumatism & joints

Pascoe-Agil 240 mg

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Herbal drug for adjuvant therapy for wear and tear to the musculoskeletal system

Pascoe-Agil® 240 mg:

  • relieves painful joints
  • inhibits inflammations in joints
  • improves mobility
  • protects joint cartilage


Many rheumatic disorders can be subdivided into the groups arthritis or arthrosis. The word stem "Arthr-" comes from Greek and means joint. The suffix "-itis" means inflammation, whereas "-osis" generally describes a diseased state.

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It results from joint cartilage wear. Knee and shoulder joints are mostly affected, but also frequently the hands, hips, feet, elbows and ankle joints.

The symptoms can very much vary between individuals. Sometimes a random X-ray diagnosis already shows an advanced arthrosis, those affected, however, are asymptomatic ("silent" arthrosis). In other cases, patients complain of massive symptoms, for which a doctor using his diagnostic procedures is pretty much unable to recognize any causes.

Strong inflammations occurring in a joint are termed "activated" arthrosis. As arthrosis is the manifestation of wear on a joint, its appearance as we age is unfortunately quite normal.


  • swallow 2 tablets whole with enough liquid (preferably a glass of drinking water) twice a day at mealtimes in the morning and in the evening or 
  • one tablet 4 times a day at main mealtimes and before going to bed.


For adjuvant therapy of wear and tear to the musculoskeletal system

Aged 18 or above, contains lactose , gluten-free

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Teufelskralle (Harpagophytum procumbens)

1 film tablet contains:

Active substance
240 mg dry extract  of devil´s claw 
(extraction agent: Ethanol 60% v/v)

Contains lactose.

Pascoe®-Agil 240 mg
Film Tablets. Active ingredient: Dry extract of devil´s claw
Indications: For adjuvant therapy of wear and tear to the musculoskeletal system. Note: Consult a doctor if you are experiencing acute conditions accompanied by symptoms such as erythema, swelling or excessive heat in the joints and persistent symptoms. Contains lactose.
For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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