The Pascoe Story: Because Health is a Matter of Trust

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As cool as a start-up, even after 120 years. Pascoe Naturmedizin is still breaking new ground, as the new website and a new corporate video shows.

Die Pascoe Story: mehr als 120 Jahre Erfahrung

As cool as a start-up, even after 120 years. Along with the new website, a new film shows that PASCOE Naturmedizin is still breaking new ground. The company commissioned an internationally renowned film director to make it and the specialist in freeriding ski movies has focused his camera on medicinal plants. The result is both touching and emotional.

This glimpse behind the scenes at Pascoe shows what motivates the company - nature, technology and, of course, people: our customers, staff, and partners. The viewer is given an insight into a family-run company in its third generation with more than 120 years of experience. The film is truly worth watching to see the magnificent natural surroundings in which our medicinal plants are grown and how first class natural medicines are produced from them.

The PASCOE Story can be viewed at YouTube and on all the company's social media channels.