Spring is coming – and everyone can be involved: Neurapas® balance

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The dark time of year is coming to an end, it is becoming brighter, warmer, the birds are singing happily, everything smells so nice and there is a call for new life, for a new start.

[Translate to Englisch:] Der Frühling kommt

These spring feelings lift the dark clouds from the soul for many people, but not all of them. For people with depressive moods, the winter blues often remain – in this case proven medicinal plants can help.

By the time the colourful blossoms of crocuses are reaching for the sky, the sunny, warm weather draws people out again. Walks in the park, sunbathing in a deckchair or starting to garden result in spring feelings: You feel the new energy, a real spirit of optimism, you want to exercise and eat fresh produce. Deep down, people with depressive moods also long for spring feelings, then to be back among people, to be active and to enjoy life.

An imbalance of messenger substances in the brain, the so-called neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, prevents this and makes the first, but extremely important steps back to enjoying life more difficult. People affected can be helped with proven medicinal plants such as St. John's wort, passion flower and valerian in the herbal drug Neurapas® balance. Sunny yellow St. John's wort has been a well-known means of lifting the mood for a long time. It is perfectly complemented by relaxing passion flower and soothing valerian – also genuine classics of natural medicine.    

The unique herbal combination of three components is good news for anyone with depressive moods. The purely herbal active ingredients support those affected so that they can take the first steps to free themselves of their depressive mood and these steps are also perceived to be doable. This gives sufferers the courage to actively participate in life again. This can make it possible to sort yourself out, to tackle challenges and get help from others, from family, friends or even professional contacts like psychotherapists.

In particular, this can be especially important for people who have to wait for up to half a year for a first consultation with a therapist. This waiting time can be bridged with Neurapas® balance. Everyone should experience spring feelings!

Neurapas® balance

Active ingredients: Dry extract of St. John’s wort , dry extract of valerian root, dry extract of passion flower. For mild temporary depressive disorders with nervous anxiety. Contains glucose and lactose. Please read the package insert for information on possible risks and side effects, and consult your doctor or pharmacist.