Senior manager Ingeborg Pascoe sadly mourned

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"I will never want to retire", said Ingeborg Pascoe. Stopping work was inconceivable for the long-standing Director of Pascoe Naturmedizin; getting up at half past six in the morning and going to the office on the other hand went without sayíng. Ingeborg Pascoe, now aged 97, passed away surrounded by her family on 10.09.2015.

Always be state-of-the-art,which has been realized at all times, was one of her life's mottos. When her husband Fritz died in 1970, the then 52 year old mother of 3 quickly realized that she had to take charge of the family company herself. She very eagerly learned bookkeeping at a lightning pace until her private teacher advised her to take up a course of study. Her talent for numbers made it easier for her to get into economics at university.

To take the reins of a nearly 100-employee commercial enterprise as a woman some 45 years ago was anything but normal at the time. There was still mostly a traditional role allocation according to which women were meant to be housewives and mothers. Ingeborg Pascoe did things differently.She confidently modernized the product range, attended trade fairs and developed contacts. Also unusual was her passion for electronics. "Technology is something marvelous", she enthused well into her final years, regularly attending software courses, reading her emails and informing herself on the internet. Ingeborg Pascoe still enthusiastically drove her car right up to the end. She even sped over long distances to places like Munich or Berlin in her powerful Mercedes.

Frau Pascoe Sr. controlled destinies at Pascoe Naturmedizin with much warmth, passion and vision for over 40 years. In her passing we lose a loved one, entrepreneur and personality to whom we are greatly indebted. She dedicated her life equally to her family and to natural remedies. Her example makes it our duty to continue her life's work the way she would have wished.