Relaxation before "heute time": Pascoflair® is presented on ZDF

1988: 1
[Translate to Englisch:] Pascoflair in der ZDF heute-Uhr

So that everyone can relax and enjoy the exciting games of the upcoming FIFA World Cup and the summer of 2018, our herbal medicine from passion flowers is presented to all those people who are not yet familiar with it Pascoflair® in a new TV commercial.

The spot can be seen in calendar week 24 directly before the "heute" programme in ZDF
just before 19:00.




Pascoflair®, the quiet island of nature, has many advantages that will certainly convince stress sufferers:

  • Only herbal ingredients
  • Helps to maintain your ability to perform and concentrate1
  • The first effects can already be measured after 30 minutes in an EEG1
  • Unmatched: Nothing has more passion flower per tablet!*
  • Can be used for long periods
  • No known dependence potential
  • For children aged 12 and over
  • Lactose, gluten and gelatine-free
  • Over the counter in your pharmacy
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Neutral flavour

[1] Dimpfel, W., K.Koch, et al. (2012). Single Dose Effects of PASCOFLAIR on Current Source Density (CSD) of Human EEG." Neuroscience and Medicine, 3: 130-140.

*In relation to the quantity of passion flower extract per tablet (IH Galaxy)