Pascoflorin®: Now with biotin – for a healthy middle region!

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The human intestine is a fascinating organ. It is essential not just for digestion and important metabolic processes, but is also home to around 80% of the human immune system. It's surface area equates to the size of around two tennis courts and is, thus, our largest point of contact with the outside world. This enormous surface area is protected by the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, an intact intestinal mucosa is of paramount importance for intestinal function.
The dietary supplement Pascoflorin® is positioned exactly for this. It contains the vitamin biotin in addition to nine bacterial cultures and inulin. Biotin is commonly known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. Biotin is soluble like vitamin C and the other B-group vitamins, i.e. it is not stored in the body and, thus, needs to be supplied on a daily basis. Biotin maintains a normal intestinal mucosa among other things. Pascoflorin® contains 30 microgrammes of biotin in each capsule. This is 60% of the recommended daily dose. Just 2 capsules supply you with 120% of the recommended daily dose. An overdose with biotin is not possible as the body cannot store it and any excess is excreted.

Small capsule, large content

One Pascoflorin® capsule contains an impressive 1 billion colony forming units. The capsule itself consists of an enteric-coated material so that the bacterial cultures contained in it reach the intestine intact. Pascoflorin® can also be used in parallel with antibiotic therapy. In this case, a period of two hours is recommended between taking each of them.

Other product benefits at a glance:


  • …contains 9 specially chosen lactic acid bacterial cultures
  • …is enriched with inulin from agaves
  • …is provided in an enteric-coated capsule
  • …Pascoflorin® is even suitable for vegans thanks to its production and ingredients.
  • …was developed together with scientists from the Saarland University

About Pascoe Naturmedizin

The family company, Pascoe Naturmedizin, has been researching, developing and producing herbal drugs, vitamin products and dietary supplements in the central Hessian town of Giessen for more than 120 years. A comprehensive product range of more than 200 products for a wide variety of application areas makes Pascoe Naturmedizin unique. The strategy of integrative company management, highest quality products and sustainable production ensures continuous growth of the family-run company.