Pascoe wins special award for "Workplace Health Promotion"

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Staff sickness rates at Pascoe are around 50 % below the industry average

Stuttgart, 11.05.2016. The Great Place to Work® Institute has awarded Pascoe Naturmedizin with the special prize for "Workplace Health Promotion" at the important "Corporate Health Convention" human resources fair. The international research and consultancy institute was especially appreciative of the impressive degree of long-term commitment which can be seen from the high levels of approval expressed by the company's staff.

It is self-evident to the manufacturer of natural medicines that employee health also has a long-term positive effect on the company's economic performance. "We live what we sell: holistic health!" says Annette Pascoe, General Manager of Pascoe Naturmedizin, about the award. "Because of our commitment to health management, our sickness rates are about 50% below the industry average. It is our experience that whatever you give, you get back double. This is why we are delighted to be an example to other companies."

It is not widely known that legislators have also realised the potential of this and are offering companies and their employees special financial support: 500 Euros per employee per year, exempt from tax and social security contributions, can be set aside to help employers promote health in the workplace. This tax-free allowance can be used for preventative measures such as standing desks, back strengthening exercises, massages, or relaxation activities.

Weekly Pascorbin parties – in which employees receive high dose vitamin C infusions to boost their immune systems – are also part of the health programme for the experts in naturopathy at Giessen.

Improving the management of workplace health is a win-win situation for everyone involved: employees are able to do something positive for their own health while increasing their quality of life. This also brings the bonus of having a highly motivated and productive workforce in which every individual worker stays fit and healthy.

Andreas Schubert, Managing Director of the Great Place to Work®, comments on the economic dimension of such excellent health promotion: "Having a healthy workforce is a definite competitive advantage, when you consider that the costs incurred by absenteeism due to illness currently exceed 50 billion Euros a year."

"On average, employees are absent from work for more than 3 whole weeks a year. Workplace health management is not as expensive as you might at first think. A company really can achieve great success for just a small outlay and this contributes directly to significantly lower sickness rates, and also to greater staff loyalty and commitment," adds Jürgen Pascoe, CEO of Pascoe Naturmedizin.

The independent Great Place to Work® Institute honours companies which, in its view, create attractive, high-quality working conditions for their employees and who foster a particularly staff-oriented corporate culture.