Pascoe under the TOP 20 best employers in Europe

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Pascoe Naturmedizin was distinguished once again as one of the best employers in Europe on 5 June 2019 in Stockholm by the “Great Place to Work” Institute.

Great Place To Work - Pascoe unter den TOP 20 besten Arbeitgebern Europas

In total, almost 3000 companies from 19 European countries took part in the employer competition. 1.4 million employees were asked how they experience the quality and attractiveness of their company. Pascoe was voted to place 19 by its employees with very good survey results. For Pascoe it is already the fifth distinction on a European level. Work as fulfilment and finding meaning in one’s profession. More and more people are looking for meaning and fulfilment in their job alongside material remuneration. At Pascoe both are possible: “We do a lot for our employees so that they can feel daily whether their work is compatible with what they are seeking in life. With our holistic health management, we help our employees further to stay mentally and physically healthy so they can develop their full potential.” According to Annette Pascoe, managing director of Pascoe.

That this approach is working is shown by the excellent survey results among the employees and a health rate that is 50% above the sector average, as well as by the consistent positive business results. The company is steering down a successful path and is enjoying constant growth. Pascoe was voted in first place in Germany by its employees and furthermore achieved the first place as the best in the sector and Hessen’s best employer.