Pascoe: top European ranking is achieved through loving care and attention!

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After having taken 1st place in Germany, the producer of naturopathic medicines is now ranked 8th in Europe

Great Place to Work Europe 2017 Pascoe

Paris, 08 June 2017. Pascoe is now also ranked as 8th Best Workplace in Europe. Pascoe's own employees have voted their company into this position.

Managing Director of the Great Place To Work Institute, Frank Hauser, emphasized this is the first time that a medium-sized company has achieved a top ranking in the European competition.

The concept of “integrated company management" works by including all members of staff and it is now also proving its worth internationally. Pascoe was most recently placed 8th out of 2,340 competitors with 1.5 million employees from 19 countries.
Annette and Jürgen F. Pascoe, the company's two managing directors, accepted the international prize in Paris together with some of their employees 
Annette D. Pascoe said: "After having won first place in Germany, we are now also well ahead of most of the competition at a European level. For what could be better than having healthy, enthusiastic employees who are working for human health and quality of life all around the world. We live what we sell: holistic health!"

The concept of integrated company management consists of three pillars: the strategic planning process, mindfulness and a corporate healthcare management. Each and every one of Pascoe's employees is involved in the company's overall strategy. Mindfulness is also achieved through personality analyses, feng shui-influenced design and the scope allowed for individual development. The pillar model is completed by an individualized healthcare management programme for employees. The outstanding results from the staff poll as well as a rate of absence due to illness which is 50% below the industry average show that the idea of integrated company management is highly effective.

Jürgen Pascoe says:"We would like to thank all our members of staff for the fantastic result of this poll. It's a wonderful experience to be able to work together with you so successfully every single day."

Pascoe Naturmedizin is an international corporation that exports many of its over 200 products to 30 countries worldwide. Pascoe has been producing top-quality naturopathic medicines for over 120 years – Made in Germany. These products include vitamin infusions such as high-dose vitamin C (Pascorbin®). The corporation also has subsidiary branches in Vienna and Toronto.