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PASCOE takes one of the first places in "Germany's Best Employers 2015"

300: 1

PASCOE Naturmedizin takes fourth place in the national company competition "Germany's Best Employers 2015" This was preceded by as many as three awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Jürgen F. Pascoe, Managing Director, received the international prize in Berlin yesterday. "We are pleased and so proud to have won this special award with such a high placing. I sincerely thank our employees. Because no jury decided on PASCOE's employee-friendliness, just the staff themselves."

The award "Germany's Best Employer 2015 "was preceded by a representative survey of PASCOE employees on central workplace topics such as trust in management, managerial behavior, recognition, identification, professional development, team spirit, work-life balance and health promotion. A "Culture Audit" also assessed the quality of corporate personnel and managerial actions.

A major focus of the award was the presence of a management culture that inspires and provides recognition to employees. Common strategy development is a particular focus. This involves all employees being regularly actively included in our corporate strategy process and across hierarchies. This serves at the same time to ensure the constant flow of information in our company.

PASCOE is naturally particularly concerned about the health of company employees. Employees can put together their own health program from offers such as on-the-job massage, sports activities like back exercises or yoga and naturopathic advice. The regular dates for high-dose vitamin C infusion to boost the immune system are also welcomed especially during winter months.

A total of over 600 companies of all industries, sizes and regions participated in the current benchmark probe into the quality and attractiveness of the job culture and underwent an independent test by the Great Place to Work® institute.

Annette D. Pascoe, Management: "It is a source of joy to all of us to produce our medicinal products with maximum motivation and enthusiasm for millions of people every day and to be able to distribute these products throughout the world. Because: Health is wealth! It touches people all over the world."

Almost 200 employees work in the Hessian family company which has been producing naturopathic medicines for over 120 years. PASCOE manufactures some 200 natural medicine drugs. These include vitamin products such as high-dose vitamin C (Pascorbin) for use with vitamin C deficiency. The internationally active company supplies customers throughout the world and has subsidiaries in Vienna and Toronto.