Pascoe Naturmedizin presents: Neurapas® balance on TV throughout Germany

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A lush green field of flowers, beautiful summer weather and a young woman – surrounded by blossoming medicinal plants – striding energetically forward.  This is what the new TV spot from Pascoe Naturmedizin looks like which raises awareness for the well-established and popular Neurapas® balance. This over the counter herbal drug which combines three proven medicinal plants contains only herbal ingredients and is used for depressive moods with nervous anxiety.

In addition to calming passion flower herb and valerian, Neurapas® balance also contains St. John's wort, which has been used to brighten moods for hundreds of years.
Pascoe Naturmedizin would like to show what "summer for the soul" might look like with the spot and to encourage users to free themselves from their low mood. The advertising spot will be shown on ZDF [German television channel] just before the heute news programme at 19:00.

The exact transmission times are listed below: 

Time: Just before 19:00 (directly before heute)

Period: CW 4, Mon–Fri

Broadcaster: ZDF