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Pascoe wins first prize in "Germany's Best Employer" competition

Great Place to Work 2017 Pascoe Naturmedizin

Berlin, 17 March 2017
Pascoe Naturmedizin has been honoured in the Great Place to Work® competition for "Germany's Best Employer 2017" as Germany's best employer in the 50-500 employees category.

Workforce votes bring Pascoe victory 

For the sixth time in succession the company has emerged victorious from the country-wide competition. What makes it so special is that no external jury casts its vote, only the company's own employees. For CEO, Jürgen F. Pascoe, this is a great honour: "We are so pleased and very proud that we have taken first prize this time. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our staff for this wonderful result."

Deputising for the entire workforce, company directors, Annette and Jürgen Pascoe, were clearly overwhelmed, delighted and visibly moved as they accepted the coveted prize. No-one is a better judge of how good a company is as an employer than the employees themselves. An anonymous survey of Pascoe Naturmedizin's staff on key workplace themes such as trust in management, identification, professional development and work-life balance preceded the award.

Continuity in challenging times

Natural medicine is very much in fashion – this is immediately clear at Pascoe. The company is enjoying great success and is delighted by its continuous growth. Pascoe has gained even more customers since 2016 with its new market image, the number of its employees is growing, and construction of the new company building in well underway. This latest distinction shows that its staff are not being left behind on this journey.

All employees are involved in the company's strategic processes, General Manager, Annette Pascoe, is particularly enthusiastic about this: "In our company, every single member of staff always knows why he or she is working on a particular task – this helps to build a sense of identification and staff satisfaction." This integrated style of company management is accompanied by yet more new, innovative approaches.

Healthcare and magic Moments

Pascoe's corporate healthcare management strategy also brings its own special rewards: employees can put together their own personal healthcare programme from the services on offer, such as massages, sporting activities like kung fu or yoga, and naturopathic counselling. Employees can receive Pascorbin® (high-dose vitamin C infusions) in Pascoe's prevention lounge. Both company and staff benefit equally from this: Pascoe Naturmedizin has been able to reduce rates of absence due to illness by approximately 50% in comparison with the industry average. This also led to the company being awarded the healthcare prize last year.

In order to reward exceptional performances, which go above and beyond the expected standard, the company has appointed a Magic Moments Manager who devises individual presents for both customers and staff. This can take the form of a spontaneous breakfast for a whole department, or arranging massages for sales representatives during long office meetings at the company's headquarters. Employees, who take active steps to look after their health and also record this in their health cards, are rewarded with health-promoting vouchers, for example, for a massage, sports shop, organic food store, or a healthy muesli.

Company Director, Annette D. Pascoe, says: “We are so happy to be an inspiration to other companies. At Pascoe we are able to combine the uniqueness of the individual with an easy professionalism and the joy of learning. We all feel very privileged to be able to produce natural medicines for millions of people every day with the highest levels of motivation and enthusiasm, and to market them around the world. It's undeniable - health is wealth! That touches us all, wherever we are in the world."

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