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Pascoe Naturmedizin once again in 1st place! Top place at the competition “Germany’s best employer”

2203: 1

Pascoe future workshop: top results with creativity, coaching and developing potential!

Pascoe Naturmedizin was honoured once again yesterday evening in Berlin by the “Great Place to Work” Institute. After ranks 1 and 2 in previous years, the company was able to achieve the first place again this year. The company has succeeded in being among the best employers in Germany for eight years.

Always looking for new inspirations and discoveries, the managing couple Annette D. and Jürgen F. Pascoe regularly visits the creative hotspots in the world to gather impulses from successful companies. A brief trip to Silicon Valley in California and the visit to the top IT enterprises such as Google, Facebook and Tesla confirmed that Germany will experience an epochal change in the next five years. New technologies and the increasing speed of digitisation will change people’s life and work fundamentally. To be able to master this challenge, each company needs alert, capable and innovatively thinking employees.

Annette D. Pascoe: “Constantly changing perspective and reinventing oneself, questioning the previous success factors and developing them further, as well as being inspired by what one does, are what ensure the future for us. The shared ideas and thinking with our employees play a decisive role in this. At our future workshop we promote creativity and unconventional exchanges in order to create something now.”

The company already launched a further training offensive last year that prepares the employees perfectly to meet the future demands. The use of the personality analysis MDI® shows the strengths of the employees. A health management developed by Pascoe also provides all employees with an individual health programme. A special feature: the Pascoe prevention lounge. Here employees have the possibility to be administered a high-dosage vitamin C infusion (Pascorbin®) by a doctor. That this approach is working is shown by the excellent survey results among the employees and a health rate that is 50% over the sector average, as well as by the positive business results. The company is firmly on a successful course and is enjoying constant growth. The number of employees is increasing and the first building stage of the new company head office in Gießen was inaugurated last year.

Jürgen F. Pascoe: “We cordially thank our employees. They have once again voted us in first place. We are very proud to have achieved such a great result again. Each of our employees brings a lot of potential, creativity and capability to the company. We promote and optimise this spirit and continuously develop it further, which is both motivating and fun!”