Pascoe Naturmedizin is Hessen's top employer 2018

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Frankfurt, 9 March 2018, Pascoe Naturmedizin is named as Hessen's top employer by the "Great Place to Work" Institute in the Allianz Headquarters in Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (BVMW). The Pascoe husband and wife team, both managing directors of the company of the same name are happy and noticeably touched received the coveted employer award together with employees. Annette D. Pascoe appealed to the companies and managers present,

"Appreciate your employees, because they provide you with the most valuable thing they have – part of their life and their know-how. We as managers are responsible for providing employees with a purpose for their work and deploying them according to their strengths. Thus, you provide real quality of life and you can be sure that you get it back twofold and threefold."

Pascoe stands for the concept of integrative company management. The outstanding employee voting results, the rate of absence due to illness and the positive business results demonstrate that this approach is effective. The award was preceded by an anonymous survey of Pascoe employees which asked about key workplace topics such as trust in management, identification, professional development, and work-life balance.

Jürgen F. Pascoe: "We are delighted and of course proud that we have now also won first place in Hessen. We would like to thank our employees for the fantastic result of this poll."

Health and extraordinary moments 

Health management at Pascoe is also special: Employees can put together their own health programme from the range of services offered such as massages in the workplace, sporting activities like Kung Fu or yoga and naturopathic advice. All employees can be given Pascorbin® (high-dose vitamin C infusions) in the Pascoe preventive medicine lounge. This benefits both companies and employees alike: Pascoe Naturmedizin has decreased the rate of absence due to illness in comparison to the industry average to around 50%. Therefore, the company was also awarded the health prize.
And for exceptional performance that goes beyond the call of duty, the company also has a Magic Moment Representative, who comes up with personalised gifts for customers and employees. The company is on course for success and is delighted about the steady growth. The number of employees is growing and construction of the new company building in Giessen is in full swing. The fact that employees are not being forgotten on this journey is shown by the most recent Award.