PASCOE is one of Europe's best employers in 2015

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The naturopathic medicine manufacturer in Giessen is among the 100 best employers in Europe. It took 35th place against 2,300 competitors from 19 countries.

Among these countries were Italy, Spain, England, Norway, Sweden, France and Finland.  

The list of the best companies was published and the prizes presented by the GPTW Institute: Learn more:

Managing Director, accepted the international prize yesterday in Luxembourg . "We are extremely proud to have received this international recognition in addition to our national awards. Sincere thanks, in particular to our employees, because no jury decided, just our staff themselves."

The award "Best Workplaces in Europe 2015" was preceded by a representative survey of employees on central workplace topics such as trust in management, managerial behavior, recognition, identification, professional development, team spirit, work-life balance and health promotion. A "Culture Audit" also assessed the quality of corporate personnel and managerial actions. A major focus of the award was the presence of a management culture that inspires and provides recognition to employees.  

Annette D. Pascoe, Management: "Europe is the cradle of Western naturopathic medicine It is a source of joy to all of us to produce our medicinal products with maximum motivation and enthusiasm for millions of people every day and to be able to distribute these products throughout the world. Because: Health is wealth!  It touches people all over the world."  Pascoe Naturmedizin is an international corporation that exports many of its over 200 products to 30 countries worldwide. Pascoe has been producing top-quality naturopathic medicines for over 120 years – Made in Germany. These products include vitamin infusions such as high-dose vitamin C (Pascorbin®). The corporation has offices in Vienna and Toronto. 

The multicultural workforce of this Hessian family business is a source of international awareness, as diversity is the best way to serve our target markets optimally.