Pascoe’s blogger tour: let the adventure of nature begin!

2019: 1

Pascoe Naturmedizin, natural medicine producer since 1895, would like to draw people’s attention to Germany’s unique beautiful wildlife worthy of protection.

To achieve this purpose, four bloggers will head off soon in eco-friendly i3 e-cars made by BMW, being sponsored by car dealership Wahl in Gießen.

Nature-blogger Sarah Wünsche will be the first one to start for Pascoe. Some of her destinations are the Mecklenburg Lake District and Saxon Switzerland. Through photos and text as well as the hashtag #PascoeBloggertour2018, Sarah will share whatever she gets to see on her trip and inform us on the wildlife impressions she gains, other wildlife enthusiasts she comes across and whatever else of interest she may encounter. If you are interested, just check out Pascoe‘s Social Wall to see what Sarah posts in her blog, on Facebook or Instagram:

The other bloggers will head off in August and September and travel to North, West, South and of course also central Germany.

Pascoe Naturmedizin wishes Sarah and the other bloggers a good trip – because the journey is its own reward!