German Design Award 2018 for the Pascoe company film

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Pascoe Naturmedizin erhält German Design Award 2018 für den Pascoe Imagefilm

Fascinating images from the "Hessian Provence" around Giessen and brilliant camera work convey the love of all those involved for the company and natural medicine. The explanatory statement from the jury: "An impressive company film that provides insights in form and content at the highest level while remaining extremely authentic and credible."

Annette Pascoe, CEO: "We are really happy that we could present a company film that was made with heart and soul. A special thank you goes to all employees who were involved with this. You are wonderful ambassadors for our drugs, our company and lastly also for natural medicine."


The award-winning look behind the scenes shows what moves Pascoe – nature, technology and also people: Customers all over the world, employees at the sites in Giessen, Vienna, Toronto and Bratislava as well as national and international partners. The company film gives you an exclusive insight into a family business with more than 120 years of experience. It is worth finding out in what kind of magnificent nature our medicinal plants grow in and how superior natural medicines are produced from them.

Pascoe company film: