Moving into paradise – Pascoe opens a new production Building

1995: 1

More room for health in a new location

A paradisiacal environment awaits visitors at the new building of Pascoe Natural Medicine. The entrance area welcomes guests with an impressive mural, depicting a wide variety of both exotic and local species. They are designed to show visitors and employees how diverse, unique and worth protecting creation is. The resulting energies move people and visitors alike and flow into the natural medicine products to be produced here.

Together with the Prime Minister of Hessen, Volker Bouffier, the Pascoe entrepreneurial family and its employees, their families and further guests of honour ceremoniously inaugurated the first building phase of the new head office in the Gießen Europaviertel (European District).

Jürgen Pascoe; Managing Director, in his welcome speech: “Already for around 50 years, we have been producing at Schiffenberger Weg in Gießen and are reaching the limits of our capacity. With our new production facility, we are bringing back our outsourced production of blockbusters such as Basentabs pH-balance, Neurapas and Pascoflair and are therefore committing ourselves clearly to Gießen as a location. After all, we have been based here for exactly 100 years. We also have a great team here who we have the privilege to work with every day. Our employees are a significant success factor for our company. These are good reasons to stay at the centre of Germany and with our employees, distributing our natural medicine all around the world from here.”

The highlights of the inauguration celebration were the Feng Shui ceremonies. The millennia-old wise teachings of Feng Shui did not only play a significant role during the opening, but also characterised the whole development process.

Annette Pascoe, Manager: “First we shape the buildings, then the buildings shape us. For us, the new building in accordance with Feng Shui principles is close to our hearts. It is very important to us to create a working atmosphere for our employees where they will feel comfortable and stay healthy. We wanted to create a special building for very special people, because with their positive energy they produce medicines that promote lasting greater health for people worldwide.”

The unique feature of this building project is the linking of two worlds: on the one hand the GMP principles (“Good Manufacturing Practice”) applicable worldwide, which are the official standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing practice, and on the other hand the Far Eastern design principles of Feng Shui. This creates a fusion that brings all levels of being into architectural harmony – and this has an aura in the true sense of the word: the released energies have a positive effect on people and the medicines. They are not only produced highly professionally, but also convey the healthy energies of the environment and people.

Birger Rohrbach, Architect: “We all worked together very constructively and mastered all challenges. It is easy to believe that natural medicines of the highest standards are produced at this brilliant white house. And the round corners, the special atmosphere of the entrance area, the “trees” woven into the façade, the ensemble of closed and open façade surfaces and many scarcely visible details allow not only the employees of Pascoe to feel Feng Shui.”

Bettina Czajkowski, Feng Shui Consultant: “Even if this first building will later be part of a large mall concept, it was necessary to ensure the perfect generation and distribution of Qi already now in the production and warehouse building. After the best possible positioning of the entrance door, the creation of a generous entrance area rich in light and energy was of great importance. Together with the team of architects, we therefore developed a semi-circular open entrance across the whole height of the building that can be used as additional space for encounters.”

Energy from paradise

Those who step into the entrance area with the name “Paradise” feel immediately that they are entering a completely different world. One notices straight away: this is a space not just for working but for living. It exudes naturalness, growth, vitality. The carefully selected furniture and the thoughtfully created interior design also indicate what is at the heart of Pascoe: people who are together, who want to develop ideas, create spaces, release energies, love natural medicine and practice good health. It is about far more here than the production of medicines.

Andrea Stuhlsatz, Interior Architect: The Pascoe couple wanted shapes and colours that give employees, customers and all those who spend time in the building a sense of well-being. I was inspired very strongly in my work by Mrs. Pascoe. She is an exceptional lady who sets new standards and pursues new avenues decisively – namely in all areas of the company. The Pascoes are admirably dedicated to their employees. For example, I often hear them say: “Everyone is important here for us to be successful overall”, or “It must simply be fun to work here.”

Impressive size

Apart from the emotions awakened and the energies released, the dimensions of the new building are also spectacular: the site area of the future head office in the European District is a notable 32,000m². A floor area of over 3000m² provides a base for the two-storey building. The ground floor houses the production departments, personnel showers and changing rooms, while the upper floor comprises quality control, the technical area for supplying the whole building, as well as an office space with a conference room. The high-bay warehouse honours its name and stretches the height of both floors. The current location at Schiffenberger Weg in Gießen will continue to be the focal point for the life and work of many of the around 200 employees of Pascoe Natural Medicines until the next two building phases are complete and all the company departments are reunited.

Prime minister Volker Bouffier emphasised in his speech: “Exactly 100 years ago, in the year 1918, the company founder Friedrich Pascoe settled here in Gießen and set the foundations for the company that is successful nationally and internationally today. Pascoe products are now exported worldwide to more than 30 countries – with a rising tendency. This is a great success story. With the opening of the new building today, as well as the two others still to follow, those responsible at the company are showing clear commitment to Hessen as a location and that – 100 years after the start in Gießen – the successful company history will continue to be written right here in future”. The strong regional roots of the company are also evident in the significant social involvement of Pascoe: whether it is the support for the Gießen counselling service and the evangelical pastoral work for the disabled, or the promotion of a healthy diet at the Gießen primary schools, or the preservation of the Liebig-Museum – to name just a few examples. “Pascoe is showing that for those responsible, Gießen is not just a company location, but a homeland that they are happy to show great commitment to and involvement with. I would also like to take the opportunity today to thank them cordially for this”, added the prime minister.

The European champions at Europastraße

The uniqueness of Pascoe Natural Medicine is also enjoying increasing attention abroad. For example, last week in Athens the company was once again awarded the title as one of the best employers in Europe. No less than 2800 companies had applied for this title. The company Pascoe Natural Medicine was voted to the great position of 33 by its employees.

Annette Pascoe: “Our employees have already voted us as one of the best employers in Europe for the fourth time in a row, in Germany this year already seven times in a row”. We are so grateful to be able to work with such a great team every day. Appreciate your employees, because they offer you the most valuable thing they have: a proportion of their lifetime and their expertise. We the management are responsible for giving our employees a sense of purpose in their work and employing them according to their strengths. You thereby give a true quality of life and you can be sure you will get it back twice and three times over”.