Matthias Lange, 36

My natural medicine since 2008

Natural medicine became part of my life along with my girl-friend Kristina. That was in 2008. Before then I was a real doubter. When I am sick, Kristina always fetches something from her medicine cupboard in the bathroom. I am gradually starting to think that the people at Pascoe have a suitable product for everything. What does me unbelievably good, is Pascoe Agil from African devil's claw. My girl-friend says they are anti-inflammatory and also relieve pain from joint disorders, which as a computer scientist would stand me in good stead. With up to 15 hours at the PC my neck is really under constant load.

I regularly take Basentabs as does Kristina. When we first started seeing each other, she told me that she is often acidotic due to sport and low carbs and so takes Basentabs. At that point I didn't have a clue about over-acidification - but now I have turned into a real fan of Basentabs. When I do sport, my muscles are better supplied with minerals and the pH value is balanced in the muscle. Since then I have also had fewer cramps and less muscular strain. My life really changed through Kristina and her nature medicine!

Pascoe-Agil® 240 mg

Pascoe-Agil 240 mg 40 Packshot PZN 02735148