Juliane Thomas, 24

My natural medicine since 1991

Naturopathy has been with me throughout my life. My mum gave me and my two brothers natural medicine when we were still quite small. I can clearly remember her sitting by my bed, telling me stories when I was poorly.

Due to my studies I moved from Hamburg to Passau four years ago. I took the natural medicine along. When I moved out, there was a really cool medicine chest, "to fully cater for a child, too".

This also, of course, included Pascoflair. It saved my skin in the oral exams during my matriculation time. Thanks to passion flower I was so relaxed that everything went really well. It has often stood me in good stead for presentations - good for the forthcoming final exams. What is really cool, is that it keeps me really concentrated and productive. Now I can also get a totally relaxed nights' sleep before such exciting days. Natural medicine, you know, has really persuaded me and most people I know!