Heinz Sommer, 74

My natural medicine since 2001

Natural medicine has only been relevant to me for about 15 years. That's when I noticed that my body no longer cooperates like when I was 40 or 50. My doctor then recommended me a Vital regimen with Pascoe B vitamins. It was his opinion that patients aged over 50 are often deficient in B vitamins.

Amazingly, this infusion treatment, which I now perform several times a year, even benefits my memory. At the time I felt I was becoming a bit forgetful.

Nowadays I hardly ever need notes - most things are ready and waiting in my head. Since I have had my grandson, little Robin, it is key for me to keep fit so I can romp around with the little fellow.

I was impressed that natural medicine could help me so much! If I had only found it for myself earlier, I might have been able to get about even better. Otherwise, I am glad about my discovery, for it is never too late - I am only 74, you know, and I still want to do a few things!