Soziales Engagement

Social commitment

Be present and involve third parties

Pascoe Naturmedizin, being a people's people company, is seeking to contribute to society through many channels. We therefore see social commitment as a matter of particular concern. We have had years or decades of regional and supraregional involvement through sponsoring, donations or memberships. Supporting people who are unable to help themselves under their own steam is a particular area of concern for us. To enable you to gain an impression of how this is implemented in practice, see the enclosed selected examples of our work in support of people in need of assistance, non-profit initiatives and organizations:

Balanced nutrition is a cornerstone of health. Knowledge about healthy nutrition and the pleasure to be gained from eating fresh, healthy food is best gained from an early age. Sufficient reason for us to support the organic bread-bin initiative in Giessen. To mark their first day at school, first graders in Giessen are handed a re-usable organic farmed breakfast box.

The Evangelical Disabled Persons' Pastoral Care, Giessen provides pastoral accompaniment for people with mental, physical, psychological or multiple disabilities and their dependents. It is especially involved in working with children and juveniles and maintains a day-care center for handicapped elderly people which is unique in Hesse. Through our donations we enable special initiatives to be implemented for the people, such as their own musical performances or vacation leisure activities. So, we manage to conjure smiles onto people's faces who do not have it easy in life.

The Hessian Drug Company Fund was set up by 13 Hessian pharmaceutical companies in 1992. The joint central motive: to intensify efforts to tackle challenges for society in general and provide assistance or neighborly help. The fund sponsors projects throughout Hesse in the areas of social affairs, culture, science and early-childhood scientific education, nature and environmental protection. PASCOE is one of 17 member companies of the fund.

The Sophie-Scholl school in Giessen is a school for all children: for older and younger girls and boys, for children from any background, irrespective of whether they have a handicap. The Sophie-Scholl school is an integrated elementary and comprehensive school (grades 1 - 10) under the trusteeship of Lebenshilfe Gießen, e.V. which provides a lively, full-day, modern school concept in which integration and a mixture of students of different ages is fundamental. Movement is a prerequisite for very schoolchild's health. We therefore support the Sophie-Scholl school by sponsoring a sports package for physical education.

The Liebig-Museum is the historical laboratory of chemist Justus von Liebig, where he worked from 1824 to 1852. It has remained almost unchanged and counts as one of the 10 most important chemical history museums. Major funding, raised from contributions and donations by the Justus Liebig-Gesellschaft zu Gießen e.V., is required to preserve the historic structure of the buildings. PASCOE, too, involves itself in preserving the museum through regular donations. A networked and lively collective of representatives of the city, cultural and economic life and the universities collaborate closely here on bringing science and research to Giessen and the region's inhabitants. 

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is a charity run over a distance of 5.6 kilometers, which company staff from different industries can take part in. The main focus of the charity run is sport and values such as team spirit, good relations between colleagues, fairness and health. An additional element of this company run involves promoting social projects. A continually expanding number of PASCOE employees have been enthusiastically participating for several years.

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