Research and Development

at Pascoe Naturmedizin

Throughout the past years and decades, the knowledge of nature’s healing powers has continuously increased. Hundreds of researchers from all over the world attempt every day to pry the secrets out of nature and understand its active ingredients down to molecular level. New agents are continuously tested and decrypted. In this process, technical advancements increasingly enable the scientists to solve the riddles Mother Nature has given them. As a result, numerous specialist articles are being published every month. And also in this respect, Pascoe Naturmedizin has its fingers on the pulse of time or you. Precise research keeps our knowledge up-to-date: We are informed about the latest study designs, the most informative international projects and the most promising research findings in the sector of natural medicine - all this insight is used for our products to serve your healthiness.

Over 50 years of internal research on homeopathic and herbal drugs.

To be able to develop and implement scientific findings as manufacturers of natural remedies too, we set up our own research department in 1961. In our study projects involving cooperation with universities we collaborate closely with recognized scientific and practical experts. The legal and technical requirements for studies like those into herbal drugs are the same as the ones for chemical medicines on the part of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). 

More than 400 research projects since the 1960's

A considerable number of clinical and non-clinical studies has been performed since Pascoe Research was set up:

  • 86 medical data surveys
  • 187 empirical reports
  • 71 drug monitoring studies (observational studies on the use of approved or registered drugs) 
  • 27 clinical studies (studies on patients or healthy subjects to test efficacy and tolerance)
  • 30 toxicological studies (substances can cause people harm depending on the dose, duration and time of administration; investigation of toxicological studies)
  • 56 pharmacological studies (studies into how drugs act)

In the focus of research interest: Efficacy, safety and tolerability

In so-called "prospective research”  we want to establish how pre-existing drugs can act through new mechanisms of action and if they might also be suitable for other indications. "Retrospective research" deals with how and why our drugs work act exactly as they do. Comparative questions of course also fascinate us: Do herbal drugs have the same speed of action as chemical-synthetic ones? How do they perform in terms of side effects? Safety is also an important research area: How do we best guarantee user safety, what interactions are there between drugs, and how best to avoid them?

More than 50 scientific publications

We share our knowledge and many years of experience with the whole world: The product of all our study results is over 50 scientific publications published in national and international technical journals. Furthermore, we also present our research results at congresses around the globe, e.g. in the USA, Great Britain or Austria.

120 years of experience and over 50 years of own research: Place your trust in the specialists for natural medicine!

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