Quality is the difference

Health is wealth!

So, when you purchase drugs and other health products, watch out for tested Pascoe quality!

You should favor quality when it comes to your health!

When choosing clothes, a car or an apartment, most people attach importance to quality – they compare, deliberate and are willing to dig deep into their pockets. Where else should we set the highest quality standards if not for our own body? After all, our body is the only one we are going to get. It is our locomotor, our mouthpiece and the bearer of our essence - so we should treat it with utmost care.

You should not leave your health to chance.

But, choosing the right product is not so simple. Drugstores and supermarkets lure with supposedly good deals and promise efficacy and compatibility. But who knows exactly where and how they are produced, what raw materials are used and if the budget products really help? Trust is the key here: As a third generation mid-sized family business we guarantee the highest quality - naturally "Made in Germany" But what else do we do for your added health benefit?

For over 120 years...

the name Pascoe Naturmedizin has been synonymous with high quality. A strong corporate culture is needed to be competitive and well equipped to meet the demands of the future in a toughly competitive globalized world. We are pioneers here, too.

  • Our drugs are subject to several quality inspections from the plant in the field through to the finished drug
  • Carefully selecting seeds is the basis of Pascoe quality. 
  • We only use high-quality raw materials for our herbal and homeopathic drugs. We grow most of the plants in our region around mid-Hessian Giessen.
  • In as far as possible, the medicinal plants are cultivated under organic conditions. We attach importance to dispensing with pesticides and herbicides.
  • Harvesting by hand is very gentle and preserves the high-quality raw material for our active substance manufacture. Every plant then has to face the critical eyes of botanists and pharmacists: Only the very best are processed.
  • We have standardized the active substance content of our drugs, i.e.: Every medicine bottle, tube of cream and every tablet always contains the same active substance at the same concentration.
  • We ensure that preparation is always consistent by means of a defined process protocol. We verify the efficacy of individual substances by means of controlled clinical studies. Benefit from decades of experience here: We have maintained our own research department for over 50 years.
  • Modern technologies are used for optimizing and assuring quality. Throughout our production sequences we strictly follow GMP guidelines ("Good Manufacturing Practices"). This is the internationally valid set of rules for manufacturing drugs, medical devices, food and fodder.