Because health is a matter of trust

We want to make sure our brochures do not contain any misleading health claims. This is ensured by competent colleagues who are scientists and/or physicians.
The texts are subsequently revised and evaluated by medical experts. These experts are pharmacists, veterinaries and physicians, (human) biologists and nutritional scientists who ensure the professional review and approval based on the German Pharmaceutical Products Act (AMG) and the Law on Advertising in the Health Care System (HWG).

Multi-tiered approval process

1.   An expert team is Pascoe Naturmedizin’s responsible body for the creation of website content, newsletter articles and printed materials. Most of the authors are scientists who work for the Giessen-based company’s research & development department.

2.   Scientific Quality Control: All text material is scientifically approved in accordance with the four-eye-principle.
That means the scientific experts control each other’s work and - if necessary - enter into discussions.

3.   Electronic HWG Approval: Additionally, the material is verified with respect to legal aspects: So-called information officers (IBA) are responsible for ensuring approval in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the German Pharmaceutical Products Act (AMG) and the Law on Advertising in the Health Care System (HWG). They make sure respective texts cannot mislead readers/consumers.

Please allow us to introduce our experts:

Dr. Christina Ulm

I studied human biology and biomedical sciences in Marburg and Stockholm. I did my doctorate in biochemistry on the pulmonary immune system. My interests are the holistic treatment of medical conditions, integrating and individually combining traditional, orthomolecular, herbal and homeopathic therapy approaches. This passion I have turned into a profession. At Pascoe Naturmedizin in Giessen, I head the research & development unit. In my function as IBA (see above), I am also responsible for ensuring our text material meets the legal requirements.

Dr. Inga Trompetter

I’m a graduate biologist, specialised on plant physiology, and hold a Master degree in health and medical management. For more than 8 years, I’ve been a member of Pascoe Naturmedizin’s team for clinical research and drug safety. In this function I am engaged with further deepening our knowledge about the effects, use, safety and compatibility of our various products.

Dr. Astrid Rustige

I studied veterinary medicine in Giessen. I earned my PhD within the scope of a research project on transplanting insulin-producing pancreas cells (islets of Langerhans) among diabetics. After practising as a veterinary (for small and larger animals) for 16 interesting years, I have now been a subject specialist for Pascoe Naturmedizin for 11 years. Already back in my practice, I made successful use of homeopathic drugs. Now I am delighted every day about Pascoe offering such a wide range of health products. Next to various consulting activities, I am also responsible for our dietary supplements and for approving our promotional material in accordance with HWG and AMG – and this is more interesting than it sounds :)

Dr. Christine Hoffmann

I am a nutritionist and have been member of the scientific-medical team at Pascoe Naturmedizin’s since 2006. I did my doctorate in biochemistry on a subject in botanical medicine: digitalis glycosides in foxglove. Resulting from my qualification, dietary supplements are my field of expertise at Pascoe’s. However, I’m also highly interested in herbal medicines.

Bärbel Tschech

I’m a graduate biologist and have been working for Pascoe Naturmedizin for more than 20 years. Being extremely interested in botany, and especially in medicinal plants, I thus made my hobby my profession. Working in the field for Pascoe for 5 years and within the scope of many lectures and seminars, I thoroughly extended my knowledge and experience in the sector of natural and holistic medicine. For more than 15 years, I have been member of the scientific-medical team, and - as subject specialist - been first of all responsible for scientific product information. In this respect, I specialised on homeopathy and the lymphatic system.

Claudia Vollbracht

After studying human biology (theoretical medicine) in Marburg an der Lahn, I knew that I wanted to work in the sector of natural medicine. And I’m still doing that with the same enthusiasm after being a subject specialist for more than 20 years for Pascoe Naturmedizin. Two years ago, I attended the vocational Carl Remigius Medical School in Idstein to study naturopathy and complementary medicine (MSc), currently I do my doctorate at the University of Rostock. I enjoy learning! My focus is on managing the vitamin C injection therapy and the vitamin B injections. I find it fascinating to witness how the study situation virtually grew exponentially over the past two decades.

Thomas Kammler

I have been working for Pascoe Naturmedizin since 2002, so for almost 20 years. I started working for Pascoe when I still studied sociology, psychology and educational sciences at university. After earning my master degree at the University of Giessen, I am now working as marketing manager focused on text preparation, social media, and product management. Since I love animals and plants, nature is of much importance for me. Also in private life, I rely on our natural medicine.

Dr. med. Harald Herget

After completing the school of alternative practitioners (1977 - 1980) and obtaining the right to practice medicine without ordering (1981), I began studying human medicine in Gießen in 1980, which was completed with a license to practice medicine and subsequent doctorate. I have been working in my own general medical, complementary medical practice since 1993. As early as 1984, I began lecturing at Pascoe and the first publication in Acta Biologica (magazine for applied homeopathy, holistic treatment and special methods of medicine, Pascoe).

There followed many publications, folders and countless lectures at home and abroad, including about the intestinal immune system, constitutional medicine and constitutional therapy, acupuncture and neural therapy, orthomolecular therapy and complementary treatment methods. I have also worked for Pascoe Naturmedizin for over 35 years and support the team when it comes to specialist questions from doctors or naturopaths. 

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