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Out of love for nature

Nature provides all the raw materials that we manufacture our drugs from. So, handling natural resources in a responsible manner is of key concern to us. Therefore we also focus on saving paper. 

Why? After the USA, Germany is the world's second biggest importer of paper and consumes as much paper as the whole continents of Africa and South America combined. The average German needs more than 250 kilograms per head per year.

Responsibility is sustainability

Eco-friendly cultivation, short transportation distances and an economical use of resources are essential to us. Most of the plant material processed by Pascoe Naturmedizin thus comes from the region nearby our headquarters in Middle Hesse. In 2005, Pascoe Naturmedizin was the world’s first pharmaceutical company to implement paper-free documentation and production processes.

Paper from responsible forestry

As nothing works completely without paper, we undertook to use only FSC®-certified paper. So, Pascoe Naturmedizin is the first pharmaceutical company worldwide to guarantee that the wood for all the paper products we use originates from responsibly managed forests.

Paperless pioneers

Pascoe Naturmedizin was the first global pharmaceutical company to introduce paperless production in 2005. The paper volume required throughout the company was able to be cut by 65 percent between the switch and 2010. Our "Paperless Pioneer” initiative has already been honored twice with the "Top 100” seal of quality, an award for innovative mid-sized companies.

Further steps which we have taken to protect the environment:

  • To save petrol, we debuted on-line training for our specialist customers. Omitting traveling also saves time and accommodation expenses. 
  • Documents are provided as PDF files to avoid unnecessary printouts. 
  • Much reduced transport distances: Manufacture, quality control and storage are centralized at our location in Giessen in the heart of Germany. 
  • Most of the plants we use are grown in the region around Giessen.
  • We use process cooling water to flush our toilets. 
  • Our shipping cartons are made from waste paper and filling material is no longer made from plastic, but from waste paper. 
  • Establishment of an employee environmental group. It deals with such things as an ecologically-friendly waste separation system. 
  • A roofed bicycle parking area is an invitation to everyone to cycle to work.

"Being a family business in its third generation it is absolutely in our own interest to produce sustainably. We think of our children, too." Everything we do always has treating nature responsibly at its heart.

Jürgen F. Pascoe, managing director