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Our philosophy

Freshness and dynamism of a start-up meeting over 120 years' experience in naturopathic therapy

Over 120 years of Pascoe Naturmedizin symbolizing passion and knowhow in naturopathy. We have been watching a change in society for a long time: People's continually growing desire for medicine which is natural and low in side effects and simultaneously develops a strong effect to improve health and life quality. 

The needs of our customers give us our direction

But what help do people need? In order to gain answers to this question, contact with natural medicine enthusiasts is something that is very close to our heart: experience sharing with practitioners, the common development of naturopathic therapy concepts and sincere dialog with our customers always has the highest priority. We make medicine for people, and who knows their needs better than the people recommending or using our medicine?

So, we also regularly conduct qualitative studies with opinion survey institutes like the rheingold institute in Cologne.

Natural medicine remedies require professional research

Research into and further development of natural active substances takes curiosity and highly-specialized knowledge. We have therefore maintained our own research department for over 50 years. It constantly investigates and optimizes our products in conjunction with practitioners and domestic and international universities. Global networking always keeps us at the cutting edge of science.

Research & Development

Quality and safety for your health

As experts for nature medicine we see our challenge in highest quality and safety. So, we only use high-quality raw materials for our products which we chiefly refine in our internal production. Their standardized content of active substance is always being put through its paces by our Quality Control system.

Pascoe quality

Responsibility means sustainability

Being a family business in its third generation we attach great importance to producing sustainably. For us sustainable means orientating our thoughts and actions socially, ecologically and economically in the long term. This also involves responsibility for our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations. So, the majority of our plants are cultivated in the region around our Giessen HQ in the heart of Hesse. We strive to shorten transport distances and always save resources where possible. In 2005 we put a large exclamation mark when we were the first pharmaceutical company worldwide to introduce paperless documentation and manufacture.

You can learn everything you need to know about our environmental protection here:

Passcoe & Nature

Social commitment

For us sustainability also means to be sustainably at people's side. We want our children, grandchildren and all subsequent generations to have a world where fairness prevails, where needy people are helped and where social commitment is a matter of pride. We are pleased to accept this responsibility and to do our bit towards a socially better placed world. We support numerous social projects in this regard.

Do you want to learn more about our mission? Further information is to be found here:  

Social commitment