Qualität Lohnherstellung Pascoe

Contract manufacturer

Our range of services (Information brochure) as a full-service contract manufacturer includes the following offerings:



Manufacturing of medicinal products at the highest level in accordance with EU GMP guidelines – as a partner, you benefit from our expertise and our passion and over 125 years of experience.

Tabletten und Kapseln


Contract manufacturing on state-of-the-art machines:

  • Variety of formats
  • Small and large batches

Nutritional supplements

From plant extracts to vitamins and minerals – as a contract manufacturer, we produce high-quality food supplements for you in the form of tablets, powders and capsules according to your company's wishes.



Filling into glass bottles of various sizes (20 ml - 100 ml)

  • Selectable closures
  • Variety of drip inserts and dosing aids

Packaging service

We also offer a pure packaging service on machines of the highest standard. Please feel free to contact us.


Stick packs

Production and filling of powder mixtures into stick packs including subsequent packaging.

We cannot offer you at the moment cosmetics (including natural cosmetics), foodstuffs and other products from the pharmaceutical sector not mentioned above. The same currently applies to pure customised product development, which is also not covered by our full service at the present time.

Have we aroused your interest?

You can gain a first impression of our range of services in our Info brochure

Please contact us by email at Lohnherstellung(at)pascoe.de or by phone on 0641-7960-0

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